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Who's this hour from townhall com i'm ron to rostrum congress is expected to take the first steps this week to find the fund the president's border wall with mexico majority leader kevin mccarthy says it's part of keeping a promise the president campaign across the america to the american public about making share of borders are secure the president has asked for one point six billion dollars to begin construction in this fully fund the president's request even if it passes the house as is expected it's not likely to make it through the senate where it needs democratic helped to pass capitol hill correspondent wally hindes reporting an afghan government official says the death tolan a suicide car bomb in western neighborhood of kabul has climbed twelve with another ten people injured in the early morning attack an interior ministry official says all the dead and wounded are civilians several prominent political leaders living western kabul in it's been seen of some past attacks jordan's speed through new british champion jordan space with his budget i dramatic threeshot victory other matt kuchar to claim his breakthrough british sharpen victory states abide than in different front nine adoniya calamity on the thirteenth hole where he needed a penalty drop on the practice fairway the save a bogey but he then charge time with three birdies an eagle in his last five holes spaeth finished at twelve under after a final round sixty nine the 23yearold now needs just the pga championship to complete his career grand slam obliges us southport anthony scaramucci the incoming white house communications director appeared on the sunday morning news talk shows to introduce himself and explain his job under the new president scaramucci said he is out to stop the leaks coming out of the white house communications team and says what he will also wants to do is create a better relationship between the white house in the media they cover president trump and his administration news and analysis at town hall dot com i'm rhonda rock stra are you a responsible person to find yourself growing deeper and deeper in credit card debt and you're not sure how to fix the problem then get ready.

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