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Seven cow words that shot my brother and then back and killed him may god have mercy on your soul now tonight bay is lodged in the Allegheny county jail without Bailey has a hearing next week the criminal complaint to with all the details of the shooting is still under seal at least for the time being officer halls funeral here is scheduled to begin at eleven o'clock in the morning hello it'll be followed by burial in the home with cemetery rough I am not ATV K. dealers no no one knows exactly how many police officers are going to attend today but they will gather at Heinz field this morning former procession to Oakland expect traffic delays and restrictions to begin around nine thirty in the eastern suburbs we told you about the flooding closing roads yesterday morning we're now getting a better picture of the impact of those flood waters here's Katie K. TV's Rachel mon Jovi Warner was above your head I mean just look my trucks over there and my car was washed over a mile away flash flooding damages not one but two of Billy Taylor's vehicles Taylor lives in the Penn hills plum area he woke up to find his Chevy Silverado pickup truck waged between a telephone pole and a part of a tree is other car was swept away by floodwaters a mile down the road I had never seen a flat floor is so powerful to take this car and bring it like thirty forty five miles an hour.

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