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At family today. So i really have appreciation for my wife now. Sometimes she thinks this crazy. When senator expected in the morning she things to know which i always. But i just want to appreciate so to me. You don't want to ever miss that opportunity toad business tomorrow. Because i really feel. I'm really good at fourteen. Which is business today. But who i go there. I want to invest but we always looking at in my humble opinion life. Hopefully i've answered your question to satisfaction because a lot of time to answer my questions. It's awesome merger. I really hope that you'll always stay the same awesome cells that you are and i know god willing you'll be here for many many many years more and delighting everyone around you thank you thank you. At least we are happier here so read. This was absolutely amazing. So i wanted to. I thank you for taking time today. I know in hong kong. It's really early. You will up early on a weekend after a long week to build. This truly appreciate that. Thank you and thank you in being a privilege being with you so three. This conversation with the doctor was very fascinating. Many time leaders are about me. Me me and i. I just did not hear that much of i. At one of the things. I really takes wrote a us. The whole tone about the situation. Positively at the very beginning by coating the chinese in a challenge opportunity accrue sides of the same by second when i fall into the trap of thinking i know everything. What branch who was the really by saying yard or yes ordinance auto on the school fun things in the brand story. The porpoise intent all together with the brand means. Nothing if you don't have amazing. People incorporate and in the factories all built together. Heart's on a line. You know the purpose and then how do deliver experience consistently. Sabrina brand is not what we tell that spark of the job but what the customer experience the and all the good karma everything that goes the tar tang that i started really i enjoyed. That part is many a time when we joined a new job interview. You're signed the contract with the big bonus blah blah blah. Everything hallelujah in a now this is the dying bed. Honeymoon starts know what subroto showed me was the first hoda gay stakes patients. You have this magical power to see and observe things that nobody does. And that's what. I really think for secrets to in vegas seeing teams or others do not see an issue would have said that the iot days you have those our and boom vanishes but also what he showed was have little patients get to the organization so after that you have the chance toady to so encoded. Two hundred days seventy news are the new app and finally the big hakimi was and this to me has been a first time. Unique is to be in a category of pride for the category whistle. Rather talked about that not only can give fab india example. It touched his heart and he had he was excited and appreciated that..

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