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It was a terrible album as the date they tried to get rid of the rhythm section of duran duran input in like funky beats yet never do that but then they mark bronson came back with them and they released a video called girl panic and it was like a nine minute concept video not really they were they were in a hotel but the point of the video was that instead of the banned although i do think there venture sleep in the video up now as we speak yet but the band is played by la bond's wife who's a famous model i forget and then niamey campbell cindy crawford who's the girl from who's who's the lady from the wicked game video you may have spilled a smoothie on yourself in front of her what melania chris cell setting kristensen's in the video is paulina porous go no no i just i found it looks it even looks like a 90s video limit it's it's kind of that out yasmin labant shannon's wife warfare this is an interesting thing george said something else to which i thought was good like in an archive will video they asked him win uganda what do you want to be remembered and he said i mean i would want my songs to be remembered for something pretty said also it might sand um i forget how he put up a you know like a it might send egotistical but as one of the last of his of the generation of superstars and he said you know jeweled michael michael jackson prince madonna that kind of thing in in our and he is he absolutely is like that and he he was giving like industry reasons he said you know everything is is much more sort of compartmentalize now radio isn't the same.

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