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My gosh. Yeah, and I saw the test before I go and everything. So 72,000 advance. We're taking a pretty serious here the company Alright, worry. Thanks, man. Susanna. Thank you very much. You take care. Thank you to Tony Jordan advice. She has the morning traffic. Tony, what is going on? Well, they feel the crash out of the way now westbound side of the 1 34 just before you get to the windows of carpool. Left lanes have been reopened to drive pretty tough coming away from the five minute stays busy onto the one on one. You'll see this is all about about Tampa, and then it does open up from their southbound side of the one on one just before you get to white out there, saying quite a few cars involved in this question looks like it's only the right lane. Let's take it away now, but that's a slow drivers coming away from Topanga Canyon. Heading into downtown 10 Freeway eastbound side just before you get to look like just past the 1 10 freeway. They're saying quite a couple of cars that are involved. They're taking away the left lane. That's a busy right. Did you coming away from about Arlington and then westbound side of the 10 years to have coming off of the five in this morning? That's going to save it the other way out towards Bundy as you get into Santa Monica. No word of any accents, but definitely still looking at a long how they're westbound side of the tent again. Leaving downtown all the way into Santa Monica. And then on the five freeway. You're heading through Orange County South Bend. Just before you get to Lake Forest. There's a pickup truck that broke down at a blown out tire. So we stuck there in the right lanes of that backs up your drive from just before the 405. The traffic aboard response by Mercedes Benz and Mercedes AMG. Giving 110% isn't just possible. It's mandatory. They squeeze every last drop of performance out of every last coupe sedan Roadster. And as you ve visit, and the U. S, a dot com slash AMG Mercedes AMG Driving Performance matter. Traffic. I'm Tony Jordan with Valentine in the morning and one of 43 my weapon. Register for Ben MGM using bonus code I heart and your first bed will be risk free up to $1000. That means if you lose your first wager, you'll get your stick back for.

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