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But it's real and. Again human beings have a tendency to view the entire world through their own is. Is I'm not reacting to that. Why are you? Must be something wrong with you because I'm okay with this and it doesn't take into account that. We're all different. We're all biochemical genetically different, and if you are suffering with multi-ethnicity, your sensitivity you have experienced goes through the roof. And What I've learned is that my sensitive patients are excellent barometers never making it up there never. Smelling something that's not there. They're just smelling it at a level that other people can't because they're nervous system has been so sensitized. Now now, we know that dogs can do that. For example, we don't make a big deal about that I've got two dogs. They can smell things that I can't, and of course, they can their dogs. However here we have sensitized patients. Mold toxin has sensitize them. And I WANNA make a plea that if somebody tells you that they are experiencing a really horrible experience in a room that is not bothering you believe them. Yeah. Thank you for saying that it's exactly the right thing to do. Because they're not crazy and it's insulting actually to take someone who's having experienced and tell them you're experience isn't real. You're nuts I. ran into some some real challenges early on here because I was doing with this as a child even and not really aware of it until re exposure in my early twenties and. In fact wiser exposed I gained thirty pounds after fifty one, hundred pounds I had to lose and I got I must be nuts and I go to the doctor and the doctor was basically useless. I even proposed hey, it might be. Toxic mold or yeast or something, and it was like, no, you have aids can't be that. Because it if you have AIDS that. Mold or yeast carpet sarcoma and things like this can be a problem but. It was it was real and the reason I did the documentary which was a very substantial amount of work to do and flying over the country and putting together team at all This was about three years ago I think. It I. Did it because I wanted people who were being called crazy to be able to ask their spouse or their doctor to could you watch this and just hear from real doctors in here from? people who have been exposed including doctors have been exposed I'm so if you feel like you're alone at, you're not actually alone because like you said, your numbers are ten million people I know there's one hundred million structures in the US from the experts that I've interviewed that have water damage and genetically some of the early people doing research on this when they look at. The H. L., A. Dr for jeans it looks like about a third of, US may be five percent somewhere in there have some genes that make us more susceptible but anyone could get one of the symptoms or some of the symptoms. So I I think it's it's a meaningful societal thing affecting kids affecting adults, affecting relationships and probably affecting susceptibility to viral infections, the causes systemic inflammation. Yes. And if someone guests a viral infection and they have multi society, it makes them much much worse because the way the immune system deals with an infection and I'll add or allergy seasonal allergies will do the same thing. ADDS another whole layer of what we call cider kind inflammatory site or kind inflammation to an already inflamed system. So patients get worse than it lasts longer. I live at the arena cytokines, a Lotta people haven't heard of Cytokines but we certainly have signs storms something that everyone's heard about the media. Now because of covid, it turns outside kinds. Firms have been a regular part of my life for a couple of decades because they get exposed, they get kind storm I know exactly how to manage I know which herbs I know exactly what to do was toxins to bind I've gone from you know it could be a month if I'm exposed to mold going back twenty years where I just feel like Zombie and I would just sludge to the day to generally it's not more than twenty four hours for a of. Your exposure and usually it's not more than ten or fifteen twenty minutes to the point where it's just not that big of a deal like splinter. Let me take it out but I think I'm rare from old perspective. Do you give people turn off all the way where they just don't have that response at all? They don't get any inflammatory sadder kinds even though they've been exposed. Well, there's two things I think you're talking about here. One is patients people who don't have propensity and have not had multi city can be exposed and not react much at all. Maybe a little bit. Maybe there is little sting or burn the have a little bit of throat, soreness. For people who have had multi-ethnicity and recover to some extent they will always be more vulnerable. It's almost like the body goes back into a memory of. I remember when I reacted to that. Not, as bad. To the better you can care for? The better you can be. So in your case is a good example you've had severe mole Texas City but you've learnt that if I'm re-exposed I can just take my binders. I can just take materials that will quiet this reaction and I can turn it off fairly quickly. I have a theory there that this comes from might Oke Andrea it your mitochondria ancient back and what enemy bacteria have. Oh, it was mold. So mold makes on about it kills bacteria. They're both fighting over the piece of cheese cheeser the same dead dinosaur fights been going on for a billion years or something two billion. and. From that perspective I believe that the Mitochondria have their own bacteria level algorithm make intelligence as a distributed system, and it feels like it just gets wacked and the reason I say that is because of physical weakness happens like my grip strength drops through the floor and when I say This is a dynamo. This is my grip strength meter. I'm stronger micro strengthen an eighteen year old when I'm normal and when I get exposed to mold Negra shrink drops through the floor and I just can't squeeze. And okay someone that's neurological. But some of it is that lack of breathing it i. think it's metabolic thing. Am I nuts for that theory? Is there any validity to it? But last you're not the first to come up with it. Oh who did that and Bob Navajo a really okay. I haven't seen Bob's work. Have you have you are you aware of the danger response I am not aware of the danger responsible goodness you're in for a treat Hey did you know that protein has a cellular function inside your body protein function is just about everything when it comes to immunity your organs and your Mitochondria and even expressions of your DNA. That's why I recommend this amazing biohacking device called the Novi from a company called ING. Three none.

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