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People portrayed in the civil rights museum bratton booker npr news washington iraq says its war against the islamic state is over at its forces are in full control of the country and fears jana raff has more from baghdad three and a half years after isis swept in and to control of almost one third of iraq the government says they've been defeated prime minister hydra labadie declared victory against the group the top iraqi commander said iraqi forces had retaken control of the border with syria and combat was over iraqi security forces have been backed by uslead coalition that has provided air support three years ago entire iraqi army divisions retreated rather than fight isis so this is a huge victory that it's at a cost thousands of civilians and security forces were killed in the battle the city of mozell was heavily damaged and hundreds of thousands of iraqis are are still displaced from their homes jana wrath npr news baghdad this is npr news from kqed news i'm jeremy siegel pharmaceutical companies are suing california over a law that requires them to give advance notice if the raising drug prices the pharmaceutical research and manufacturers of america a trade group filed the lawsuit yesterday the state law was passed this year in response to consumer outrage over the soaring costs of medications like epipens the laws opposed to go into effect on january first but the trade group is seeking an injunction to prevent that in the lawsuit the group claims the law is quote unprecedented in unconstitutional and then it a legally tries to dictate national health policy the california law is seen as a test case and other states will be watching the lawsuit closely to see how they could proceed in trying to curb the price of prescription drugs the san franciscobased group that runs burning man is asking nevada officials to let the annual arts festival grow to one hundred thousand people kqed silicon valley arts reporter rachel mireau has more as it is burning man is already bringing more than seventy nine thousand people to black rock desert north of reno every year now nevada bureau of land management officials are drafting new permit conditions and burning man is asking them to allow for more expansion over the course of the next decade that's got some locals worried about even more partygoers on.

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