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That's the problem takes him calls as I promised. And then after after one o'clock today is Brian Toma crossroads. It came on about three weeks ago, saying there was some point in July. The crossroads was going to open, so we're going to determine what's happening with Crossroads and Mohr. And after two o'clock today is a woman who wrote a book about Jeffrey Epstein's Madam, So to speak. Her are a groomer that being ghislaine Maxwell 2 35 Today we have Mac Steinman's good friend Newt Gingrich is going to call in To talk about what's happening with the Trump story to 35 more than a 1 32 segment with studio report live from the truck. Is that correct? Meant the stag man is down there. And then, of course, after these races on Sunday, the segment should be furloughed another three months. I'm just getting sick. Let's continue. Tony in Fairfield, then gene on a cell and Tony. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham shown. Tony, How are you? Good Bill. How are you? Great day to be an Indian Great day, and it's a great day to be a butler County in Fairfield. Are you wearing a mask of not why? If so, why? Well, I'm not wearing a mask because I work outdoors. However, I have an alternative for wearing a mask and glad you called societal norms dictate that when you made your call That you cover your Steven your call. Correct? Absolutely. You shame He's in your elbow. That's correct Fan. Um it also. Ah, The problem is that That leaves out just talking. Talking is what they say can help spread the droplets. That's what we're told. So why can't instead of wearing a mask if you start having like you have a handkerchief in your mouth. If you're gonna have a conversation, brief conversation with discover your mouth while you're talking Sounds good, we'll do it. Do it with that cover, cover the entire spectrum. You know when you're going to sneeze and you're gonna call and you're already gonna protect everybody from that, which is normal. Just cover your call. Well, what about regular breathing at times, depending upon one's thrust out of its nostrils. Particles. I mean, match time has got a big, fat nose. So what happens when he breeze and everything just comes out of his nose? That's what the Liberals would say. You know, Tony, my last expert has been successful in this says there's no law that allows Mike DeWine order you to wear a mask. Now there's there's social as you say, peer pressure to do it. And I wear a mask because my doctor told me to do it. And so if something bad happens to me, which is entirely possible, I want to say At least I followed the rules and I caught this damn thing. It's bad. I followed the Rose and I still got it. Tony. That's life. There are smoke cigarettes, people that drink beer people that drive cars, people that water ski. There's risks in life, and if we can mend again against him, I do it. That's why I wear a mask. I got one other question for you. Bill hit it. I listen to represent representative Nino vitality when when you had him, all right. He's pretty good, very good. But my question and I'm asking through. Ah, social media is if the governor the wine is violating the constitution and making up laws illegally. Why are they not in the process of removing him from the governorship? Well, Tony, There's no impeachment provisions on Ohio law. What? Yeah, I Googled impeachment, and it says you can remove the governor. You can impeach a governor. Well, there's no appetite for the Republicans. To remove Mike DeWine. I think. What if this is what I hope happens, Tony guy like Mike, I like France. Cherry pies, Cedarville. I've been on their porch and whenever I get sideways with Mike, my wife pulls out a photo of my mother and Fran and me and Mike and Penny. And she said, Look, look at what he's meant to your family. And I said, Okay, I'm gonna pull my punch on Mike DeWine. However, what's going to happen whether it's six months or a year This thing will be over. There's gonna be a back seat to a tree, and then he's going to run for re election in 2022. He's not up for 2022 I'm very likely to support him because he's a good man who's done good work. Except in this area and this area, Mike DeWine has lost his way. Let's continue. If thousands on hold millions were listening, and I like Mike, and for those who have been to the ice cream seller shoulder I know Tony Bender and Matt's time and go on a regular basis to the ice cream social to sit around and Eat some homemade ice cream on a hot July day and get some of France pies and pecan and cherry and chocolate. Nothing better is an old time Ah, small town politician. That's why it's even more shocking what's going on and is absolutely shocking. And What? What is happening? Shocking. That he is acting like a czar, and he's ordering things that courts rule him illegal and I think the mask orders this week. Have been illegal from the get Go. Marie's Thompson just explain the why it's obviously illegal, but I have a court rule. It's illegal is going take a long time. And then the court that rose that within each county. That ruling is applicable on ly in that county. Until the governor appeals it up to the Supreme Court. Then they apply that and declare the action illegal unconstitutional. That would take a year or two, and by then the whole thing's over. If you want to wear a mask. Wear a.

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