President Trump, Hilo County Arizona, Sioux Falls discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Jane Metzler fox news many thanksgiving weekend travelers already contended with major winter storms icing up roads and delaying they're getting to their holiday destinations now I was second massive storm system already is causing problems flights canceled or delayed in Denver and at Chicago's o'hare and midway airports were getting heavy snow right now across portions of the planes that towards the Midwest so portions of Nebraska and the Dakotas Minnesota Wisconsin heavy snow even published conditions there right now that's all gonna spread east as we go into the day Sunday then can begin impacting portions of the northeast end of the day Monday National Weather Service meteorologist mark shin are that storm started in California it is coast to coast wine industry experts say three point one million passengers are expected and expecting to fly this Sunday that would be a single day passenger record here in the US if those flights make it off the ground a light plane crashing in the Dakotas winter weather could be a factor the plane went down shortly after take off from chamberlain South Dakota killing nine of the twelve people on board the other three were hurt the area west of Sioux falls was under a winter storm warning when the plane went down the same storm system also triggering some flash floods in Hilo county Arizona the body of two young children recovered they're still looking for a third the kids were in a truck that was swept away trying to cross a rain swollen creek and president trump is flying.

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