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Can't stop because the certain foods a food that make us fat are loaded with sugars usually in the sugar stimulate dopamine receptor sites in your brain and dopamine gives you pleasure and so that's why it's so hard to make logical decisions when it comes to gaining weight you get high from it and once that dopamine is released and pleasure starts to kick in yield do pretty much anything to continue that pleasure we've all done stupid things in the name of pleasure and watch one of the things you have to think about is is this gonna do me good look at everything you eat everything you put in your body and say is this going to be good for me or is this going to be bad for me one of my patients said jokingly goes i always think ww j d and i said look at her and i thought she's talking religious and she said what would joe do and i said that's cute make bracelets now wwe d what would you do so what i eat it or not and quiet and if the answer is no then you probably shouldn't need it either and if you knew to the show you don't know all this stuff but if you knew welcome i am dr joe esposito and so one of the things that happens in one of the mistakes we make when it comes to eating is we're under stress how many people are in distress right now lot of you there's chemical emotional and physical stress now chemical stresses what we eat the chemicals were exposed to the other day i had a shower at somebody's house i was helping them do some some were around the house and i had to use their shower and had commercial shampoos and commercial soaps and i'm not used to any of that i'm used to know fragrances and no commercials but i gotta wash my hair so i and i smelled like this perfume was coming off my hair and i was like man this stuff stinks how do people do this every day that's a chemical stress it's called phthalates and salads when they get into the system are endocrine disrupters they mess with your hormones and one of the reasons we gain weight is because of our hormones we'll talk about that leptin and gremlin and thyroid hormone and human growth hormone will cover all that today so researchers found that people who say who said stress often drove them to eat the comfort foods of choice were what salty sweet angry so that's why a potato chip is so wonderful and here's something you may not know the nightshade peppers tomatoes eggplant and potatoes those are called night shades they have a chemical solani and sola nin when it gets into the body can cause inflammation and pain so if you can't figure out why you're having these pains and maybe you've been to your chiropractor and maybe you've eaten right and you've taken dr joe super grains dr jobs essential source you alkalis your system and you're still having pain take a make a diet diary if you go to my website dr joe dot com patient forms we have something called.

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