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I don't know that he's famous enough to almost be in the rock and Roll Hall of fame being that. I'm much more familiar with many of his contemporaries and I can't draw exactly a straight line from him to do you know what I mean like. I think he's very good. I just don't know I mean should he? I wouldn't be mad. I think yes but I don't know that he will. I guess is what I'm saying. I say yes should he? I wouldn't be angry if he got in and then do I think he will. I do not think so. I I think maybe someday unless there's something kind of I mean who knows. This is probably going to come back to be. We're going to be playing tape of me being like no no no angel from from this year's induction death words playing with John. Reid Jackson is doing an awesome. Dance in effect down as the angel could really be a wildest sermon of inductees this year. Yes well but he does in the background living because truly the wildest card as far as nominees concerned so to me. I don't know if it were but then what do I know? I only know what I know from this podcast which is more than most people. But I don't I I don't know that he ever well and if he does I would say oh my. Gosh I can't believe I'm like not this year for sure maybe ten years from now maybe like ten years from now when I dunno surged. Simpson is running the all known. That's my uninformed semi informed opinion. George George it's hard because I just don't trust of humanity. I mean I think he absolutely should if I mean if there if it's made if there's musicians American musicians who are made to be celebrated its people who are from the beginning till now keeping the same kind of integrity and vision I think he will. Because I think there's been this big wave of momentum behind him recently. If it's going to happen I think it's going to be this year. Awhile stiff competition. It is always alive because you deserve that kind of moment and also George I will say I will caveat that with to say I think it was going to happen. It would be this year but sadly do not believe it's going to be this year it could you know. I think he has an outside shot especially because I I'm on the ballot We don't know how we have. Voters respond to him. We do know that musicians love him. He's a musician's musician is he. Two Countries he to folk. I mean I don't think you can be to folk for the Rock Hall. Honestly Right which bias you've made tributary is open. I agree all the AMC's like you have to. If you want this to be something worth wild yeah you have to have right right right and I think he is given the moniker of being country which we know was not allowed but folk is you know and I think he's way more focused agree. I accident I think he should get in. If not for just the influence of people who so many people who are in will he get in? I think he will get in because I think he has the amount of respect that is required to get in going against the lack of fame and name recognition. I don't think it'll be this year. I worry that it will be immediately posthumous Oh is that that might be what it takes. Hey didn't work for Whitney. No this is crazy. I might have worked if Whitney died now. I mean if that makes any sense like we have different from what it was back. When Whitney died at any rate. Yeah I I always gotta bring up my faves. The there is a there is a listening to on the way here and there was a quote one of the songs that I was like. Oh you know. This is kind of like what sums it up and he said You know I could have me a million more friends. All I'd have to change is my point of view so I think that to me. Is You get more votes right. Fundamentally different person right. I'm glad he's not if that's what takes not getting into the hall. Keep some John Bryan. Then they can go fuck themselves. I think ten years was about on point. It could happen sooner if if he dies or gets very sick. I don't know it feels like there's something has to happen. That would a groundswell of support that you know would be created. Yeah all right. Let's say he gets inducted though all right so it happens this year? Who inducted him? I mean Bruce Probably Press. I mean that'd be that'd be cool or Dylan. I think would do it for him. Which is if they could get dylan to one of those ceremonies again. They would they would go nuts and doing what probably probably well. Okay or the young guys. Yeah back or the accused in that world. I think they I think they did it. Together in unison. What if Dylan Yeah? I mean he's kind of like the has that kind of respect I think that they would and then it could also be Bonnie Raitt or it could be like Emily Harris or it could I mean. These are all people who have shown up in participated in the hall. It really feels like the doors wide open to just about anybody that is you know you make a good point of the Dylan factor. Which is that if they could get Bob Dylan to one of these ceremonies. I think that everybody would be what what do we have to do. Do you think they've cooked the books you think they can't say that here on the and then okay? Let's say he's inducted what the artis usually play three songs. What three songs do they put three songs? Can I name Sam Okay? San-suu Sam Stone. I mean we just I would. It would definitely not be good as gold right is that that's on gold good as gold. Those three that's what I think they would play. I'm curious what his top three on spotify. Good Q I saw him. He played this a benefit at the hotel recently and he played for. Everybody plays four song. Okay well this is yeah he gets. He is ultimately in charge. You know he played two new ones. I forgot I just realized as I said that. Okay so probably not those. But he played all the best which is kind of a deep cut. But it's a beautiful.

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