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Over six hundred sixty thousand dollars in career earnings owned by Rupp racing trained by Brad, Cox bread by Stonestreet, thoroughbred holdings, LLC in Kentucky rid victory by flora, giroux. You'd see the pedigree at the bottom of the horse card. He is by intimacy, if and a Bernardini MIR named Aspen, light. The figures came back strong for this race. Ninety nine Beyer speed figure own Dale one fourteen pace adjusted and non pace adjusted time formula's ratings really big figures, no matter how you wanna chop it up a little bit of an interesting dynamic when you look. I can see how this race was run and how time for US assess some of the pay situations, the three quarters and the mile call were both color coded blue. But when you take a look at the chart you see that the top two finishers came from last and second to last throughout the first half of the race. And I think a lot of that had to do with the early fractions maybe took their toll. So maybe those, those middle to late fractions. They may have been on the slow side, it's time for US stating but I think the damage was done in the early portion of the race where you had horses like dare day in Bethlehem road and going for gold out there and long, range toddy was relatively close about four five pads out in the clear, the twenty two in three forty seven three say what you will about forty seven and three for a half not blistering. But after a twenty two and a piece opening quarter think you're gonna start to feel the effects of that. And keep in mind, a lot of those horses stretch out sprinters. So I wonder if things did sort of play into the advantage of horse like Owen Dale, as well as math wizard, but you can't take anything away from the way. They ran. I like both of them moved in this spot. Math wizard ninety buyer and one twenty two time a pace adjusted time form US rating one Twenty-three raw. These were two big efforts from these two horses now Owen Dale, perhaps, you wanna look at it and say, okay, we'll comes from a little bit more high profile connections, not that saffy Joseph junior is not a good trainer. We know him predominantly from south Florida Gulfstream Park. Those sort of situations now looks like they've got a nice three year old on their hands. If he continues to improve this way, maybe even comes a player in these these races over the summer, but I think that for me is really the takeaway from this race. I said leading into the Ohio derby said it talking about the Breeders Cup Classic top ten ranking that I do every week in that. There's a poll that number of people are pulled on these three roads, just feels like it's a very muddy picture. And sure this is a relatively formal result. And maybe this is going to be the beginning of something for oh and deal, maybe he's going to be the whole. That sort of, you know, I don't wanna say takes control. But, but at least, you know you can count on to show up with his effort because really with the exception that one race down at the fairgrounds. He hasn't done anything wrong. He went out there. Very impressive in Lexington ran a really nice race in the Preakness comes back your wins this race. You would imagine based on the timing. You're going to be looking at possibly Saratoga campaign. I suppose you could try the Haskell be very interested to see how much time they wanna give him. Because again, those dates those races are going to be pretty nice about four to five week stretch between the Ohio derby, those two races so fascinated see where Cox decided to go with this horse the distance, you know, whenever I see intimacy, if I don't know that I love the idea of going much much longer, but he ran find it a mile and three sixteenths. I don't see why he wouldn't run. Well, certainly he'll run find at a mile and we know that maybe he'll run find at a mile and a quarter as well. If you think Travers down the road or. Or keep in mind, too. We're at a point in time, where I think it's going to be very interesting as more and more time goes by, we've already seen the effective. But with the Pennsylvania derby being great one it's restricted to three year olds and it's nine furlongs. I do think you're going to get those connections as prestigious races. The Travers, you're going to get some of those really nice horses that if the connections are not sold on ten furlongs for them. They'll just sit it out. I think and wait one more month. You know, it's, it's an instance where is it ideal to have two months leading into your next race? No. But at the same time, I think if there's real distance concerns for some of these horses, and these connections, there, probably better off waiting, look to both of them are seven figure purses, and they're both grade ones, and maybe you'll see some of these connections, I'm not suggesting that's going to happen here with any of these. But I think you're going to get to a point where you know what the Travers is much as I love as much as we all love it. Maybe connections. Look at it and say maybe we'll be better off running in a race. Vania derby at nine for a long before we have to stretch them back out if we're thinking bigger down the road. The Breeders Cup Classic so good effort from own Dale followed math wizard, who was the first one to make that real move. But again, I feel like they both took advantage, perhaps of the circumstances owned L finishes in twelve o to math wizard and twelve thirteen long way back to long range Taty. He was wide. But I thought this is a little bit of a flat effort from him. And those last three horses, they were all sort of Overmach coming into Bethlehem road was mildly intriguing sort of the fresh face, but he was relatively close to that pace and he paid the price. So he formed full result for the most part at this'll down on Saturday afternoon. It'll be very interesting to see where we go forward with horse like Owen deal with a horse like math math wizard as well as long range Taty, because I don't wanna totally give up on this just yet, you know, on his best day he can fire a big shot. So we'll see where all of these horses end up going when forward, but we do know right now Owen Dale another graded stakes win. Maybe he is coming into his own for Brad Cox, and maybe he is going to be. Interesting, sort of I don't want to call him a fresh face because he's already running triple crown race. But maybe he'll be that, that newer face that may be a little bit more late developing horse that will take over as we go through the summer races. Big numbers Owen del ninety nine buyer one twenty four time. Former us rating winning this year's allow derby the loan grade, one of the weekend. The United Nations down. Monmouth park, mile and three eighths on grass Sehgal the field eight of them signed on post time. Favorite was channel cat for Todd Pletcher but down odds of nine to five. This is a nice horse. He is a lightly raced four year old, he did some good things as three year old but he always felt like one that wanted more ground. Just stay any distance that you threw it him. The, the question really always boil them to talent was quite as good as some of those other horses that could stay just as well as he could erase like this, though. He stacked quite favorably, and that's, including Chad Brown. Having a horse, including Bill Maher having horse including my maker having to horses in here. None of them got the money, the big money went to Jim. Toner. Here's the stretch run with hundred Riley process the track as they come into the stretch just behind them trying to get going catch. Diane hunter O'Reilly bigger picture, let loose on the outside, as Zulu alpha hits the front channel cat on the outside. Here's hunter O'Reilly down the center, the track, Zulu alpha Hutto, rally channel Cavs Zulu alpha, tro, rally, reaching on the outside. Here's the wire hunter rally and Paco got up to win the United Nations, Zillow under O'Reilly gets the job done it out to fourteen to one with pot. Go aboard finishing second Zulu alpha one of two in here for Mike maker rounding try to is the beaten favourite channel cat now. It's nine to five with sake. Look at hunter O Reilly five of twenty two lifetime seven other.

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