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Found there have burst did win and twenty 18 but definitely put the new wind at our back their wares is a wakeup call certainly commute the folks who work permits a wake up call the value of encompass we and having the crapper this probably at the lowest ever thune was cleaning out the punters car when she found the gun and put it in the back backpack which the child brought to school levels the southeast wisconsin saw three to six inches of snow lake effect snow helped to push totals lorries the amount i think almost all door county solver of foot but there are some spots that are over two feet underground like snow while you're letting was happened exhaust here the whole beer key shergar's warren's government so so if he changes my titles will be a have you heard from the governor i have not heard from the governor guess what tax reform is working so it sounds like president trump's tax fell has very few of windfall for apple i do believe the corporate tax side will will result in job creation heavens our daily daddy maybe they just don't believe in governance on more all wrong while they're with threaten to turn their backs on both children and shut down the government fear we had removed from congress everyone i use the poor little word mom i mean we probably at lonely a couple of voting people i've held meetings in my conflictdriven people that are because my usual neeveli tweet quote i've sweet false was notifications were made to 5000 people by national question that everyone of you would have had is for what about the other 500 the state assembly returns to the flooring at the top of the docket sexual harassment every single person who works in government were actually where they should feel safe i would be surprised if uh nene are women did not understand that there was a climate of verbal harassment dominique achon brown pleading guilty to soliciting prostitution and obtaining someone's image without their consent janette antle at a member of the us national gymnastics team in the late 90s speaking directly a dr larry nassar i truly believe that you're slow on is safe and influence associated hospitalizations statewide trip all in the.

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