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For a couple years now you some new phone will come out with us and i phone some kind of an eight whatever processor from qualcomm where it's like this thing is you know it was i it was like desktop class performance with you know kind of air quote thing around it and and now it's getting the point where no it literally has desktop class performance it's it's it's it's an interesting threat and this i think they have the same opportunity to do to intel what apple and gogol did to microsoft i wonder if they're working on this whole problem with hyper threading and speculative execution i i mean i know it they're subject to it every modern processor is to rent to timing attacks using these speculative execution techniques but if they are going to do a desktop processor if you really wanted to kill intel you'd find a way to have you find a way to happen format so that speculative execution and then and then man came over because intel i think intel's chip roadmap probably's what three four years ahead data they're not gonna fix that for years right that's the point you're right in other words they would have to in a sense admit defeat even though they have not yet been defeated but they kind of see the future is clearly as it's going to be and say you know we're going to do a half step here in step back and rethink things and this little upward trajectory we've been enjoying is going to come to a halt for a little while because we need to figure this out and i just don't see i just don't see them doing that oh it's good i mean it's good for consumers you know until it doesn't do anything unless it's pressed with the competition amd was the last competitor push until i think with rising they actually are pushing until now and you're seeing seven nanometer from tsmc yeah yeah intel just can't seem to get that going i mean i it it's an interesting time yup i mean sometimes yeah intel like you said until needs to be kind of kicked around a little bit for them to respond to this properly it's just a matter of timing they're badly i mean the only hold out at this point they've lost mobile it looks like they're they may lose desktop and then it survey data center way today to well yeah i mean this is one of those another one of those bandages of these arm chips is the just the third on these things right they can do like high cluster kind of arm based server racks or whatever and they consume a lot less power than in tulsa i saw you know it's not there it hasn't happened yet i don't mean don't get me wrong there there are no arm pc's outselling intel pc's of any kind there are no you know they're there but i think everyone including people inside of intel can kind of see where the market's going and and it's they're going to have to adjust and again if if intel ends up winning and they pull microsoft and they did it that will still benefit all of us it's fine no no we don't have to route we don't have to choose a winner we just we just have to sit back and be happy this happened yeah exactly because this is going to have a positive outcome from everybody i think so everybody whoever.

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