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Mostly the players. Just that you know, Hitting with scoring position is such a critical part of of winning baseball and this year You know, we were near the bottom of baseball in that that's uncharacteristic for a lot of our guys. You know, I think you know whether the 60 game season got us a little bit. Guys were pressing when their numbers weren't quite quite where You know, they expect them to be and you could see the light of the end of the tunnel, The finish line and and the numbers weren't there. And I think we sort of came out of our game a little bit after the first, you know, 2.5 weeks because you know the things we talked about on base percentage chase rate, cutting our strikeouts down, improving our walk rate. They're all in pretty good order. You know, through the 1st 25 games, and then it slipped and it flipped dramatically. But again, I think that you know our lineup. When producing, you know, especially our core guys. You know, Nolan, Chuck and trapped. You know, those were three good run producers and you know, I do think that Uh, You know the 60 game season and put a lot of pressure on themselves. Sort of heard Hampson and and McMahon and Doll You know, Tapia was a bright spot, but our catchers, you know, we just have too many inconsistencies. You know, up and down our lineup that you know, really, you know, really hurt us and our, you know, everyday run production. Hey, And lastly, as we look at the post season right now raise Astros, Tampa 31 Dodgers and Braves to one, but the Dodgers a big win last night. Thoughts on what we're seeing and what we might see moving forward. Like I do Think I can see the Dodger Brave Game series going seven games. I really do. Mike, I think that you know, the Dodgers are a good club. You know, they you know they didn't swing the bat the first couple of days and then they came out yesterday with that. You know that. That laser show? Yeah, I think that's I think that's going to go seven games. I really dio I concede. Maybe Tampa closing out the Astros today that you know the Tampa's You know, they have handsome, good pitching. You know they're not hitting the time in the playoffs, but you know they're getting some big, timely hits. You know they're putting the ball in play. They're playing tremendous defence and whether you know Houston, can you know? Get enough runs against that Pitching is going to be the question of, you know, again this afternoon when they start, but I can see Tampa hold them off and waiting to see the results of the brave and Dodger Siri's buddy, Thanks for everything all year. Thanks for your time today, Enjoy the off season and we look forward to catching up with you again soon. Okay, Mike. Always a pleasure. Thank you. Thanks, buddy. Black Rocky's manager really appreciate buddy and everything that he and his staff did. It was a year like none other for sure. And the players were incredible. Just the way everybody adjusted to a grant and You know it didn't It didn't turn out the way Rocky's fans wanted. And I think people know me well enough to know I'm generally the optimistic sort. I do think they have some things they have to work through. I don't think there's any question about that. But he alluded to some of those those are pretty obvious. I don't think they need to be belabored because they're out there. But I I will say this When you can go into whatever the offseason looks like him, but he's absolutely right. There's tons of questions about what the finances of the industry will be like What the free agent situation trade situation What the calendar will look like Will spring training get started on time? We don't have any of those answers right now. But I do know this. That there will probably be some sort of cease and next year. I think that's pretty safe to say and grant when the Rockies Khun Go into whatever that season is going to look like with the four starting pitchers that they mentioned. I'm trying to think of a time. When the Rockies have had that kind of core as a starting rotation to begin a season Now that doesn't guarantee anything. I'm not. I'm not saying that it guarantees a great year, but what I am saying is we know how important pitching is in the game. We know how important starting pitching is in the game, and Rocky's fans know more than anybody because they've seen a lot of Subpar starting pitching over the last 20 plus 25 years, 25 plus years, So that's a really good place to be ableto build from, and I do think they will make some tough decisions, and I do think we'll see some changes to that roster. Yeah, and I think you know, they added Daniel Bard last year, his amazing comeback story. I think you gotta add a couple more pieces in that bullpen. Buddy referred to the struggles of that group this year. And then if you just get a normal, consistent season from the likes of Trevor Story, Nolan era nado. And Chuck Nasty. You've gotta have some confidence, even though this year didn't play out how you and I or all of the Rockies fans around here expected it to Especially after that, really hot start. I think there's definitely some confidence because of the starting pitching that we have. And we haven't seen the likes of. You know, I I think when you look at Herrmann Marcus Hey, is one of the talented young pitchers in the game and he's on a really good contract. When it comes to the Rockies. I mean, he's earning good money. But it's also a contract that his team friendly in terms of the amount. It was like No 40 something million over.

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