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Weather on the eighth. Two married Pompa in the traffic center. Good morning, John. Thank you. We will start on the capital Beltway, which we start that it is that speed at the moment, But we have a crash that's working on the Beltway in Springfield, the inner loop ramp to go South Interstate 95. You are still staying to the right to get by doesn't cost you a lot of extra time at the moment, and we will keep an eye on this for you. 66 was doing pretty well, but he's found unexpectedly slowing near Nutley Street. No incidents have been reported yet. We'll keep an eye on it. And if we take a look at 95 at last report in was letting you know that the South dont work near dumb freeze before 2 34. They were backing up along the right side. No delays showing so make sure if you see those flashing lights out of Dale City toward to 34 dumb freeze screwed out of the right lane. Give him room to do the work. There are no delays ahead. All the way through Spotsylvania is a decent trip even inside of the belt. Okay. 3 95 just about its speed, and there is a crash. North Bunn, Arlington, still near Shillington Circle acts at six. There along the left side to Chuck's on scene. It keeps being one left two left lanes. Ambulance clearing. Just stay to the right. Two lanes will get you through. Okay, and nothing showing up ahead. The HIV lanes were moving to the north, passing on 3 95 as well. Just in our camera shot, nothing else ahead, going across the freeway and To the third Street Tunnel. We do know that the big 10 Mile race the cherry Blossom rice being rerun this weekend, so closures from the Rock Creek Parkway to include the Arlington Memorial Bridge, as well as all around Potomac Park and Independence Avenue. Full list of closures could be found on w t o p dot com. Big story in the district has been New York Avenue..

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