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I was a lone wolf as I told Pete for to tell. He asked where's my posse? I'm like, well, I have a positive one besides the friends I met the horse players at my last tournament. So I there were two other fellows, like I said, Ed and Gary who were at the table with me who stayed and but now she wasn't there with me. And I will tell you this too is another thing. Hopefully and again, anybody who's listening to this who's playing in the tournament is in a tour and hopes to get into the agency. I mean, we could be you. Okay. So anything that I could do to possibly help somebody compete and do better, I don't have any problem with giving some advice. But what I did, I shut down basically with communication after Saturday. Mid Saturday. Because Jason, I found the other two times, you know, friends who call me. How are you doing? How are you doing? You're always texting. You start getting obsessed with the phone, plus you have to handicap and there's a lot of there's a lot of activity going on in the room. And like you said, cheering and distractions. I shut down. I told my wife and my daughter and my son, I said, I sent them the leaderboard on Saturday. They're like, oh my God, I can't believe you're right there. And I'm like, so I said, okay, I told them, here's the deal. I'm shutting down. I'm going underground. I can't, and my Friends, some of them I didn't even tell I made Vegas. I just didn't want the distraction. I was trying to I wasn't my meaning. It wasn't to be rude or anything. No, it focused once in a lifetime thing. Yeah. You have to meet while I have to be focused. So shutting down and not responding to any text or any and I informed good Friends of mine and family that that's it. You'll hear from me at two three 45 eastern when the final tables concluded. It was so they were listening on Steve big lie and also watching the updates on TV G and so yeah, so I basically shut it down where I was just focusing. And I think that definitely helped me because you really have to kind of drown out any distraction. And at least I know with my style that I need to go to the go to bat with that I have to do that. Well, it's very cool story, David, I really appreciate you taking some time for us. Folks want to find you on Twitter, you're at D Harrison one one one 7, and I really appreciate the time and the conversation. Thank you so much. Okay, Jason, thank you so much. A pleasure being on with you. All right, we'll be right back after the short time. It's the Jason beam horse racing podcast brought to you by twin spires. This is the Jason beam horse racing podcast brought to you by twin spires. All right, big thanks to David Harrison for joining us. Appreciate David's time, and I love hearing about the NHC wins. 725 grand. Man, what a score. What a score. So happy to have had had him on and appreciate the conversation. Happy to have had you guys listening all week. Looking forward to the big weekend down here. I hope you'll get a chance to watch us. If you would, send out a good thought or two to the weather gods and the race calling gods for your boy here. And yeah, we'll hopefully have a good Saturday. We'll talk all about it on Monday. We'll have new guests back in and obviously continue our march through march here on the show. Appreciate you guys more than you know, tuning in, engaging, talking about the show, and I will hopefully have two, maybe three guests again next week. Who knows? Probably not. Probably just two. We'll see you guys back on Monday. Have a great weekend..

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