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Is joining us now Charlie Kirk is a truly amazing amazing individual he's the founder and president of turning point USA he's the host of the Charlie Kirk show you can find him at TI P. USA dot com and we welcome here him to the program today Charlie I want to start with the I want to cover if I can if I have time three different things with the first one is the fourth of July celebration of the fourth of July celebration the Democrats are now saying this is a partisan thing he's taken over the mall celebration America's celebration and Donald Trump is doing you know just a partisan thing well I would normally say that wasn't true but I believe if the other party now their stance is that America is a bad place and many are even saying that they hate America don't tell me that it's good I guess it is a partisan thing there's half the people that say no I don't agree with that is a pretty sweet place to be no doubt and and if they are making a partisan thing and thank you so much for coming on such a great honor and but where does this idea come from where has the the horrific anti American sentiment stems from its from our universities this is been forty and fifty years in the making and five or six years ago when I really started to get our work going at turning point USA I started to see measures on college campuses such as American flags being banned from the court rooms in the university California system as are the scene not just left wing students talk about their radical ideology but instead just be so awkward hourly anti American and now this has this has metastasized into the top levels of Democrat leadership I mean Alexander because you quit because does not just come out of nowhere she was created incubated in college in colleges she's a prototype of the radical left and now it's become mainstream and I can I sent out a tweet this morning kind of joking around a little bit saying only the Democrats could be upset that they'll be money spent to celebrate America but they're perfectly fine having billions of dollars in cash on a private jet to around one fifth only the modern Democrats could could come up with that sort of you know the illogical approach let me talk a little bit about students for trump it's just been announced that you have a budget now a fifteen million dollars a hundred and fifty staffers and a presence on more than fourteen hundred college campuses and you are going to do the largest get out the vote program targeting students on college campuses for a Republican president ever how are you going to break through to these people who as you said it's been metastasize there that sits there not for only twenty eight percent of of the students are are looking at Donald Trump in saying that he's a good guy like his policies the good thing about being at twenty percent is you got almost nowhere to go but up best thing about the best thing about being surrounded as you can shoot any direction but look the the I do believe that those polls are a little bit misrepresented of there are there are far more students that have positive apart positive perspective the president and I think those polls will reflect but make no mistake the road to the White House goes straight through college campuses and not to over simplify twenty twenty but the Democrats have very specific I called them policy brides almost targeting young people student loan forgiveness almost their entire climate agenda is catering towards younger coastal voters that have no connection the Hartland our country the Malibu in Manhattan is the extent of their world view not Missouri Michigan four Montana and so it's up to us our effort going in twenty twenty through our students for trump vehicle to add a little sobriety and a little realism in truth and the message is quite simple is we're gonna say wait a second you say you don't trust the government there's a lot of the students say they don't trust the government the Y. in earth would you want to make government bigger and more powerful and give more of your money and get more of your freedom that government because a lot of the students say well our government is but paid for by the corporations in a special interest ferret that that's a reasonable approach the miners would you want to give that very same government control of your health care and of your decisions and select it say up hill battle to Philly's going but it's it's a it's a clash that we're going to embrace because in order for Donald Trump to get reelected he needs to exceed expectations on college campuses the Democrats right now in the radical left or not expecting any sort of any sort of optical on college campuses and we hope to hope that at least make it competitive again not just allow the left a monopoly over the next generation so Charlie the other thing that is really concerned me is the arrogance of Silicon Valley they who we know through through studies that are done at Harvard that Google is changing results for their search and and stacking things for the Democrats and it is very effective we also know that they're conservative you know they're there D. platforming or just changing their algorithms to make sure that they're not highlighting people I mean me when I search and I watch something of me on YouTube I can't get them to represent two a recommend another video by me it is me play this is nuts I know the president is meeting with with Google and I believe YouTube next week the justice department is going to be there what do you what do you foresee happening there and and so there's a social media summit next week at the White House and and I will be there and the kind of extrapolate that point a lot more gland which is a brilliant one the Silicon Valley elite they look at themselves as philosopher king at the foot as a philosopher king that Plato talked about thousands of years ago that's who they think they are they believe they are smarter they believe they are better and they believe they deserve more power and no one should ever question that and some could make the argument that Google is more dangerous currently than the Internal Revenue Service the Internal the iris doesn't even use email still you still have to write them a letter Google could overthrow the government Google could change public sentiment ninety two percent of all search results go to Google and then select I applaud the president for having some sort of a forum to at least cross examine and hopefully challenge Silicon Valley and I think an important thing to note here gland is we as free market people and as followers of Adam Smith and Milton Friedman were very we should be very cautious and careful to ever call for government regulation however when these big tech companies are sometimes using government contracts and taxpayer funding to adventure bass their agenda that should be discontinued so for example Amazon is on the verge of signing a ten billion dollar taxpayer funded contract on your Amazon web services to house all the Pentagon and data matches on except cronyism not I would rather see is I mean instead of regulation just threaten their status as a as a platform yeah publisher and they they do not that'll put them out of business because of lawsuits so I mean just that one threat should turn them around no doubt and and I think your audience is be very aware of this and I hear this concern amongst the grassroots all across the country that they they there's almost been a super government created it's almost as if there's two sources of power now yes in America the government and the information processing distribution and there are thousands of miles away from each other but they agree and basically everything and while and while most of our movement has been very focused rightfully so on the deep state with in Washington there is a deep state built in Silicon Valley and it's really not even American I mean it's it doesn't care well who do you know who is in charge of anything in the future they will be much more powerful than any government well and they are on pace to have technology that that the government will never be able to catch up to that it's almost as if there's a super government being created yes and it's an old got Billy in it's an old got billion in older darky and there is no diversity of opinion there's no diversity of thought just last year you had one of the Google employees who dared send a memo about are pushing back against a gender stereotypes something of that nature which was not a controversial memo when you write it and he was fired almost instantaneously Ted Cruz brilliantly cross examine the head of user experience at Google and asked her how many political contributions went to Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump zero dollars the Donald Trump and over one point two million to Hillary Clinton and so we we we have to continue to to signal the alarm against this and you've done a great job of it we saw what happened Stephen Crowder getting demonetized recently and they're going to continue to encroach on every single conservative content creator until we take a stand against and I think your your solution of make make them be treated as a publisher not as a platform because they are acting as a publisher yeah they are they are thank you so much Charlie appreciated targets Charlie Kirk from USA will talk to you again and love to have you on next week after that to to get an inside scoop on what exactly happened at the meeting in the White House all right our sponsor this half hour by the way we're going to end the show with the reading of the Gettysburg address it's it's an amazing document and who has was was like two and a half minutes long that's it and the originals thrown away because everybody thought I was not going to be that important and it is one of the most powerful speeches ever given and it is relevant today will give that coming up in just a second the U. 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