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Cops evening friend. One of the saddest episodes of christmas time i've ever heard an episode of dragnet from sixty eight years ago today december twenty first one thousand nine hundred fifty two twenty two ripe over christmas and we thank you for tuning in on this monday. This is the first day of december the three hundred fifty six day of twenty twenty ten days remaining in the year. Arthur wins word. Cross the first crossword puzzle published in the new york world. Nineteen thirteen premiering in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven on the state snow white and the seven dwarfs walt disney went all in on the It cost over one point. Four million dollars to produce a massive amount in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven would be over twenty four million in today's money. The gamble paid off for disney. It raked in for that one point. Four million over four hundred eighteen million at the box office. Apollo eight crew by frank borman level william anders launched on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight from kennedy space center in florida on this date back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. A bomb exploded on board pan. Am flight one o. Three over lockerbie dumfries and galloway in scotland. Two hundred seventy people killed there was a terrible explosion. The whole sky up on it. It was virtually leaning fire. You know it was just liquid fire now in two thousand and three libyan leader moammar. Kadhafi accepted responsibility for the lockerbie bombing and paid compensation to the families of the victims. Although he maintained he had never given the order for the nineteen eighty-eight attack among those passing away of note on this date in history writer f scott fitzgerald and sports journalist dick schaap. This is the birth date of ventriloquist. Paul wind joel singer guitarist composer frank. Zappa carl wilson of the beach. Boys the woman responsible clean-up singer betty wright poop passed away this year at the age of sixty six and olympic gold medalist and a one hundred meter and two hundred meter world record holder florence griffith joyner all born on this date in history. Birthday number eighty five phil donahue number. Eighty three for jane fonda. Gee whiz look at his eyes. Carla thomas seventy eight. My voice isn't good today. Sorry samuel l jackson seventy two nick gilder of sweeney. Todd fame hot child in the city. Nick gilder sixty nine tennis. Great chris evert is sixty six country singer. Lee roy parnell sixty four ray romano from everybody loves raymond in the ice age movie. Sixty three comedian. Andy dick fifty five from jag. Kerry turner is fifty four from twenty four and designated survivor which is a show. I thought was canceled way too soon. It it just needed time to catch on keeper sutherland. Fifty four years of age today from the walking dead steven yeun is thirty. Seven and from last man standing caitlyn dber is twenty four those just a few of the people who celebrate the twenty first day of december is their birthday. If this happens to be your birthday to you. Ooh ooh do Mrs miller we go back sixty eight years december twenty first nineteen fifty two for an episode of dragnet one of the two shows. They did at christmas time. And we thank you for tuning in on this monday edition of classic radio theatre here on your favorite station. Here's a great thing to consider doing right now. Before the end of the year call meta share and find out just how much would save by switching to meta share the affordable alternative to health insurance. When you call you'll get some good news in probably be very happily surprised to the typical family's saves five hundred dollars a month but you might save even more. 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Jesus from church on christmas eve and the other. Is this story that you're going to hear on this monday. Edition of classic radio theatre. It's entitled a twenty two rifle for christmas. This particular episode goes back sixty eight years to december twenty first nine hundred and fifty two.

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