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I did this the other now it was fake proof but it was to prove stores because the persuasion alone wasn't enough they had to turn around and see a guy with a full head of hair and then they bought that net radiator fluid or wherever selling in the balls so that if you look flash forward to twenty eighteen what customers are looking for is approve source they they get your pitch they get your understanding that they wanna know that your widget widgets they want to know your thing works in its use right it's not features and functions is does this does this solve the issue that i have solved the challenge to the half doesn't make my life easier to save me time does it add money to my pocket again all of their end result it's resolve is different you could sell a widget to two different customers you could save one thirty percent and you could of their a their of their costs at another one you could cut half of the time it takes to do something it's the same widget but it's different value prop form right because their individual customers are they have different needs and that's the you know an ended today that in that's the thing so what they do is they go out and they look for people that they determine organizations that they determine are going to be an honest broker of that information and and so that's really i think that kinda kinda dub tales into your you know when you're asked which one of these people is the salesman in the meeting right when you have the say with sales you have the engineer you have the customer support person you have everything else i mean because that is that is a compliment because i can tell you there's there's the the the word sales i in the parlance of my icp of it directors that i sell is is exactly it's a curse word it really is right and and and that's it and the str's are wondering why they're not being more effective so what they're managers do.

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