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Poured your heart and soul and taku blind tech um and without i wanna say congratulations to you and your team and what you've accomplished you're right i'm not very tacky but i am a lot more tekee now than i've ever been because of goldline tech and i am pretty sure that there are thousands of people out there that could probably stay the same um and for that i again thank you for inspiring uh this who are living with vision loss empowering us and more so giving us hope because that's one thing um but i feel those who are experiencing vision loss as at sometimes they don't have a lot of hope and through your podcasts in articles you have opened their world as opposed to close it down i hope you nelson and your team can truly see what what impact you've had on so many people's lives um and i again i'm i'm a really proud and a and i thank you for all your amazing mark and i am truly honored to be the intro voice to cool blind tech so thank you your imia which as in the meal for your windows um the thank you for those words so jet santa was actually one of the first people i met my first loss my sight so i i moved to new city and uh bill and a known i didn't know anybody in the city in a in the entered this apollo program just as she did and um and that's how well we became friends and we need friends ever since so she's moved on and she's she's doing some amazing things uh with the bill is can i say you're you're you're you know you are in yourself in your own way helping blind the low vision people.

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