John Brennan, President Trump, Hillary Clinton discussed on Morning Drive with Casey and Elliot


Casey and I were talking about shocking developments in the declassification of all things, Russian All things Hillary, ordered by the president. States is going to see who is going to comply and who isn't Because whoever doesn't comply should immediately charged wth this stuff. When somebody suggested borders on treason. Let me read you The notes from the John Brennan's hand written notes. Characterizations of the notes. These are not articles about the notes. These are the actual notes themselves that were declassified yesterday by the John Radcliffe. Brennan's note's read quote. We're getting additional insight into Russian activities from reductive. T. Summarising alleged approved by Hillary Clinton. A proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service. And that's the CIA director. Hand written notes. Hillary Clinton is a smoking gun. The notes State on the 28th of July. In that margin. Brennan rights POTUS. That section of the notes has redacted, so that means Obama It's also read any evidence of collaboration between Trump Campaign plus Russia. The remains of the notes are heavily redacted. Except in the margins, which the following Notations are made J C dentists and Susan We believe J C refers to Jim Comey. Dennis refers to Denis McDonough, the Obama chief of staff. And Susan. To Susan Rice, the national security advisor. Now that being said We do know. The John Brennan briefed the president on this now, if this were Russian disinformation, which Brennan is now saying it was and, of course, Hillary Clinton spokesperson Nick Merrill. Cold, Baseless Bull Again in this world. There's a high threshold in order for you to brief the president, United States on actionable Intel. Is a lot of Russian disinformation out there, and most of it doesn't reach the president because it is disinformation. The president only needs to hear Crucial intelligence that's important to the national security of the United States. Or in this particular case. Important enough to try to get Donald Trump booted out of office. So Obama knew He knew, according to John Brennan's hand written notes. That means Biden. And I hope and pray that Vice President Prince Brings this up tonight because it ain't coming up from Susan Page. The U. S A today moderator. She's not going to bring it up. Obviously camel Harris won't but vice president Pence has to get this into the national conversation. In tonight's debate. It's not important. That members of the Obama administration The president, the vice president, the National Security Advisor Thie F. B I director, the CIA director, the director of national intelligence. James Clapper. Were in on it. To try to protect Hilary. My problems. These are the documents that we know these are the documents that we have imagined what documents were destroyed during the Mueller years. Imagine how they were able to cover their backside. And clear up the paper trail. John Solomon, Excellent investigative reporter was on with Lou Dobbs last night on Fox Business Network and talked about Gina Hospital blocking the release of these requested classified docks. I think what's really going on here is protecting the CIA's reputation, just like Chris Reyes been protecting the FBI's reputation. The American people deserve better than deserve accountability. This is one of the greatest scandals in American history. He's right, Greg. I've been following us very closely written several interesting books that Hillary Clinton may have committed a felony. Again. You need more proof. Sidney Powell Warning. Another truth bomb is going to drop shortly in the General Flynn case. He is Is that interesting? Golly, they have the battle this Flynn case dropping the case because the Justice Department no longer is goingto press charges. One judge one Judge Emmet Sullivan has battled this case and has put it into advance until after the election. Why is one judge Holding up the works here. Again. It all starts. The pieces of the puzzle are all coming together. We find out that Obama began holding secret meetings. In the White House basement in July. 2016 of very exact time. The Trump Russia hoax was put into play and now hand written, notes John Brennan. Brief the president on the whole thing. Stay tuned for a wild ride over the next 27 days or so. Friends of rescue natural substance wanted me to remind you that again building maintaining and supporting your immune system. His key. When you're trying to fight off viruses and flu season's almost here, we've got the wolf Lou still hanging around and the best defense you have again masks and social listening in Washington vans that's all important. But the best defense As making sure that your immune system is working at peak efficiency. And one way to do that is to ofcourse take a probiotic but secondly, rescue core immune defence brand new supplement that was developed this year..

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