Stan Van Gundy, J Bilas, FBI discussed on SportsCenter AllNight


What he said it starts with the coach's i would say coaches aren't blameless but i think it starts tires in that stan van gundy referring to the enzi aa as you heard it one of the worst organisations may be the worst organization in sports but what about the future espn analyst j bilas while they're not going to burn it down because they're not going to turn their backs on the billions of dollars that they're they're taking t e contracts cheque right yeah that's what i'm saying tv contract shoe contracts you name it apparel deals uh uh media deals at conference media deals so it goes it goes really deep into what these schools really are and it's so that nobody in one thing i know for sure is no matter what the fbi finds were playing all these games on saturday uh and wednesday at tuesday and wherever thick monday at everybody's plant no no nothing we'll be cancelled and every check will be cleared and the money's a continued to change chance that is not gonna stop so when the when the current it's doubly president park ambert said if we want college sports in america we've got a we've got to do something now you like are you kidding you guys didn't know this was going i've coarsely did and and what makes me laugh about it is he forms a commission on basketball but not football uh that's painfully naive or wilfully blind and uh and it's all got to be addressed together in my judgement but the one thing the first thing i would do it i think most people may not understand this but these are considered right now by the us attorney's office of the district so that this york these are considered crimes uh because nc see aa rules were violated and and institutions that are federally funded were put at risk of losing money that's all that that's the entire theory of the government's case against the those that have been indicted so far and ed charged so federal law doesn't have to change for these these things to uh to no longer be crimes only answer up rules have to change and my thing is and i've been saying this for a long time but it was up with their with the.

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