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Some people never told me that post malone was awesome like this is he's super sick like all that stuff and then i came out we did the forum in la and we did congratulations together ian john mair super sect and tommy lee played drums it was super 600 exists like people that understand hip hop in people that understand rock and roll can all come together in realized that it's not a genre anymore it's just music at this point you know super sick or nurse now nomo it's tough it's tough i just wanna put up this album i'm really excited and people have been waiting for it for a long time and my labour has been waiting for but they got me running around so i just wanna i really think did this gonna blow minds and i think that this next tours just gonna go crazy and then after that will do some arenas and stuff you had a chance to where we have the opportunity to come together here in my house and shoot the breeze and a hell of a surprise know who i was and out when i started following years says i found out about yet as likely blown away so we're just shoot a on a podcast or with all the obligations to get the word out the promotion to talk about the concerts to talk about the records might to talk about all that stuff howard hire you with that i like said i've seen you deal with peter rosenberg and all honourable things you you did going to the places and talking to people like just a necessary evil things that you must do or you enjoy the process once you could started where's your what's your flow on it.

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