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Tony Casillas, Tony, and I talked about the Super Bowl have a couch compared to the patriots Kellen Moore and a whole lot more, no pun intended. It is Wednesday February six two thousand nineteen it is hump day. So happy hump day to you. And we did not have a chance to July on Tuesday my apologies. If you can't tell I'm a little sick a tiny little cold that I'm nursing. And in Tuesday was the worst of it. But it seems to be over thank God. And so here we sit on Wednesday. And it is officially the season that did not change in a matter of forty eight hours, and we have a little bit of news from an NFL wide perspective today on Wednesday. It was announced by by himself. Really that the Atlanta Falcons would not be bringing back veteran kicker Matt Bryant in two thousand nineteen the falcons later confirmed this, and it's been kind of the biggest storyline in the NFL of the day that kind of speaks to the world of the NFL in early February that a kicker not being brought back is is a big storyline. This is big because as Cowboys fans, we haven't had to worry about these types of problems in a long time. It's just kind of been a foregone conclusion that Dan Bailey is going to be the guy. He's going to be the kicker. There's not going to really be any competition of any sorts. But that all changed when the Cowboys finalize their fifty three man roster last season. And Dan Bailey was released in favor of. Brett maher. Now, there are definitely a lot of Brett Maher feigns around Cowboys nation. I think we all know that. But the reality is Brent Maher certainly has his own flaws Maher's field goal percentage in two thousand eighteen his rookie season twenty eight year old plane on a rookie deal are on his rookie season. Excuse me. He was any point six percent successful eighty point six eight zero point six percent successful. Brent Maher was in his first season in the NFL. It's worth noting that in the last three seasons that Matt Bryant has not been below eighty seven point two percent when it comes to his field goal. Accuracy. That's quite a difference meant Brian only missed one field goal last year. They're definitely going to be a lot of teams who are going to be interested in Brian's services. I think you look at the Chicago Bears, obviously would have with Cody park. You could be very interested. Maybe in the Minnesota Vikings who signed in Bailey after the Cowboys cut him, but more than anything. I think. What should be mentioned because Brett Maher does have a bit of a deep leg. I think we all saw that at different times. And Brent Maher suddenly came in clutch for the Cowboys. He had the big game winner against the Detroit Lions, and coincidentally because we're talking about that Bryant had the game winner in Atlanta against the falcons, although he obviously did hit one off the upright in crunch time against the Washington Redskins after that snap and fraction. But looking where were mar struggles. Specifically, it's between attempts of forty and forty nine yards. Brent Mars attempting the field between forty and forty nine yards as a little rough for Brett Maher. He went seven of eleven their last season's four misses between forty and forty nine yards for whatever reason Brett is just a little bit more accurate from beyond the arc so to speak now in that range from forty to forty nine yards. Matt Brian has actually been pretty solid in the last three seasons. He is twenty-five of twenty six between forty and forty nine yards. So Matt Bryant kind. Has the range that Brett Maher struggled with down to a pretty accurate level? And again, this is new territory for the Cowboys because they have not had to consider different picking options, and they kind of lucked themselves into Brent Maher last season..

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