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That was there there was someone else. I was sure of it. But i guess i cannot remember who it was but you had an incredible draft there and to make catching one of the best players on that draft played fifteen years in the nba had the highest shares in that draft as well and just had an incredible career. She absolutely deserves to be in the in the in the hall of fame. The basketball as myth hall of fame next we have rudy tomjanovich. Who had both a great career but also you know as a player but as a coach was absolutely incredible. I mean joined the houston rockets as an assistant coach for what seven or eight years nine years and then became the head coach. How did the first season. Because he was kind of added in mid way of the season when sixteen fourteen in his thirty games but then went fifty five and twenty seven the year after and then after that he went back to back championships. Let off course king the dream. You got Who was on that team. I wanna say oldest. I'm not big on those old teams. But i'm pretty sure i'm right on that oldest thorpe. You had a sam cosell. You had kenny smith. Come on like you got yet clyde drexler yet. Some great players but rudy tomjanovich certainly helped this team. Make it big in in those two seasons. And win back to back championships. I mean he had a heck of a career man. nine hundred forty. Three games coached five hundred. Twenty seven wins four hundred sixteen losses for a very solid win percentage of five of five fifty nine very solid career and also very solid playoff record to thirty nine for five sixty seven win percentage just consistently very good and then. He became the lakers coach for one year and then after that he retired. was inducted as a coach. Nati player but still as a player averaged seventeen points a game eight rebounds in the eighties and seventies and was just a very solid player so definitely deserves as well for rudy tomjonovich. Now we're going to go to some of those college coaches which i just wanna make sure you guys know. I've not very big on college. But i'm going to get into it anyways. So i we do have bowman who was a fiba executive helped grow the game internationally. So many different ways he served as a secretary general of fiba the basketball world governing body and then from two thousand three until we suffered of course that tragic heart attack at the youth olympics. One itis in twenty eighteen. He had his. I believe it was kids. Kind of being there is represents a as representatives and he did a lot for the game international. And you know. that's that's a big part of it. I mean it's a big reason why the mba has so many international players in the league. Right now bomb and had a big part in that and of course he began in europe. We were playing the game. He loved and any shared that love of the sport with the entire world so You gotta give it to battery bowman. The the the love of the game was obviously there and that's why he deserves to be in the naismith hall of fame next. We have kim. Mulkey who has had a ridiculous career at baylor. Three national championships are combined. Twenty one big twelve regular season and tournament titles she also achieved six hundred career. wins faster. what's going on here on. Just oh boy. I just took away. Kim mulkey own boy so she also reach. Apparently she reached the six hundred wins quicker than what anybody is that was saying. Yeah career win faster than any other division one men's or women's coach and the pinnacle of individual basketball honors of course named to the knees memorial basketball hall of fame class. Now i mean to make it to six hundred career wins faster than any other division one. Men's or women's coach. that's an. That's ridiculous honor. Aside from all of her crazy accomplishments of titles and regular season titles. I mean just all gets put together into her being one of the best coaches in college basketball and pretty sure anybody would say the same. So kim moltke in the hall of fame as well. We also have a division to coach in barbara stevens. Gotta give it to barbara stevens. The stick in the vision to and become only sick. One of only six coaches to amass at least a thousand career victories. A ridiculous group that that includes pat summitt. Tara van devere gino auriemma sylvia hatural in the one thousand wind club. I mean Just ridiculous look at this record in four. in a forty. Three years that she was coaching she had a thousand fifty eight wins and two hundred and ninety one losses that success. If i've ever seen it. And i mean to to just continuously be in division two and you know not kinda like seek to kind of go any higher like that that just show someone who is happy with what they're doing. And just does i level so Barbara stevens i mean. You also look at at what she did in the two thousand fourteen. What her twenty. Eight bentley team. Capped off a perfect season. Thirty five zero with.

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