Eric Gordon, Eric Goldman, Kevin Knox discussed on NBA Front Office w/ Keith Smith & Trevor Lane


But I can't imagine they're expecting a great return for Eric Goldman not on the contract that he's got right now and given his production, given his age, there's not there's not teams tripping over themselves to go trade for Eric Gordon. He's a good player, don't get me wrong, but I don't think that he's anybody's top of their list or wish list in terms of targets. So if you can get something for him if you're Houston, if you get a couple of firsts or something or maybe a first and a second might be more reasonable. Okay, cool, and you have to absorb a few contracts for guys that you might not really be that interested in Kevin Knox or something? You probably do it. Yeah, I feel like a protected first feels right. They have that Charlotte first. I believe it's got weird protections on. I want to say it's like top 18 protected for several years, and then it might reduce by a pick or two going down. So then that might be the one that you look at throwing them there. They do have like I said, that future Dallas pick, which is top ten protected. That one I'd be a little less inclined to give up for Gordon, but that Charlotte won. They kind of got it for nothing anyway. It was for kaya. That was one Charlotte traded up to draft Kai Jones. Last year's draft that was the compensation that they sent and that was a guy. That was an extra pick for the next then. So yeah, you turn an extra pick into a helpful player like Eric Gordon, but why not? And again, if this was like one where the contract didn't match so well with their other contracts, I'd say dad probably avoid this trade, but it does. So why not? You know, you mentioned that Derrick Rose and Eric Gordon AAU connection. And I want to hit you with something. It's a concept that I thought was really interesting..

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