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No you off because you're lafayette which opened the season beating the shit out of state. Last year they have hype. Yeah but it's not about hype it's about non staying on a non power five team. They can go. They could beat. They could beat texas open. The season period they can easily be texas open the season and then they're often running. They're going to be like they'd be texas. They're like seventeen the country they went again. The you look up in week five. They're like twelfth. That's how that's how. I could go for them. But they need access to be good as well. I don't think it would hurt. Once they get once. You get the initial bobbing us. And then you keep proving that you're just beating teams. I don't think retroactively go back. During the year in really correctly is that they're going to be other sunbelt. Teams disagree with these things like lsu last year with mississippi state e-e-exactly becker itself. Oh i see. I see what she. Oh okay. so you're saying that like if they go. Twelve and in texas stinks. Nobody's going to be well. Actually i could see that the to get up here. Is that an old british cop. Trolley was that i think. Are they really around area. Yeah i thought a new york. What relax mrs on his new york. Jewish lady jewish jewish comedian. Like that show. It's very Inappropriate arizona state. What's going to happen with them. Which i got hired still haven't yet out of them. Tough luck enrica hesam. Yeah it'll have the logo on. It doesn't matter. This is the hot seat. Like how fast and flagging fired then. The bounceback like penn state lsu michigan. Virginia tech. Make you nervous at the beginning. You gotta go. There wasn't a waffle line cautiously optimistic. But they're playing for the coach's job like in virginia tech a good home home advantage. It's i nothing new. There's no game. I'm walk into this year. That unc is like a work fine. Can i have a storyline that has to do with college football. But it's more nfl. But i am curious to ask you about this. What week do you think. Matt jones will start for the patriots. Same etlinger took for seem ups. The dolphins ones is going to be back. The dolphins are gonna be them. Wait one and it could be any time after that. I don't think that they will start him before week. Four when the tampa bay buccaneers coming to foxborough. I don't think that bill belichick is playing. Tom brady again with matt jones. I could see it happening right after that. 'cause cam is just not good anymore in comparison obviously no. He's not. I mean you but you can't play mack jones against tom brady you job always think If you more What would your phone your rattle. Yeah you're no friend of mine. Whatever and with different motions him. There wasn't a dick pic. Okay we've really weird of his friend. Dick pic just to compete question about notre dame Reloading full stanley. He said the pageantry. I'm pretty sure. I wanna cry. The first time in a football stadium. Can i please say i'm going to cry. My eyes out at the. I live cultural show this year walking on that stage. I'm just gonna cry. just right there in columbia. Excuse me that's not right so north yet. Why are you doing your hair on my mic. We lost him. Yes osmium on us. We've lost him okay. Let's let's let's the podcast graphic martin through six. No no no save it it because if you're tender six is one of our top five we can argue about it. Let's go home. what'd you get like. What ex from your wife a little comfortable okay. Relax. then that's college football. You anything else jack. You got anything else katie. What about you all right. Have a good day tonight. that's unnecessary. We'll be seeing you monday..

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