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About this upcoming NFL season, and I don't know if it was It felt like kind of an opening day this weekend, when ESPN went kind of full coverage on a Saturday and getting training camp and the amount that I've seen, it's August 1st like it's almost my brain has turned to it. When you think of Trevor Lawrence in Jacksonville, Justin Fields and what he might be able to do for Jake Chicago bears right. Mac Jones whether or not he wins the job over in New England and Zach Wilson, who by all accounts has been fantastic early in his first couple of days at Camp This is like the most exciting, you know, NFL season and then you add the Aaron Rodgers situation going back to Green Bay. Like I haven't felt this energized about about, uh, you know, Sundays in the South are Sundays across the country in a long, long time. Not that it is. But it almost feels like a changing of the guard in the wet in a way because you have all these really veteran quarterbacks who we don't know how much longer Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. We just saw Drew Brees obviously hanging up after last season. So we've got that new wave of these young, talented quarterbacks that so many Draft scouts and NFL scouts have said, Oh, he's He's a generational talent. I feel like we throw that phrase around a little bit too much because I don't think everyone can be a generational talent. But that's a Term that they used about Trevor Lawrence and I can say, I said earlier in the show. I spent some time down in Jacksonville covering this Jaguars team, so still keep up with a lot of the local news members who are down there covering training camp. And there hasn't been this much excitement in Jacksonville in a very long time. Maybe since 2017 the year that they were one game away from the Super Bowl, when Jalen Ramsey Leonard for net every I mean that team was loaded, it's not going to quite be 2017 this year. I don't think they've got plenty of kinks to work out. But Watching the tweets and seeing the coverage out of Jacksonville about Trevor Lawrence and how he's looked so far. Everyone's like, okay, Yeah. We haven't seen a ton of really, really great quarterbacks come through Jacksonville, at least in a while, and it feels like we finally have one. So this year is going to be fun whether it is Mac Jones or Cam Newton. Whoever starts in New England. They're gonna be some really fun quarterback personalities to keep an eye on this season. Dak Prescott, coming back with with the Dallas Cowboys should be fantastic. In another new face in Sal Powell is is my power, your power? He's scalpel, right? Like everybody loves Sal Paolantonio. And And no one covers this this that team. It's like the Eagles and the Jets like he's locked into. And so what was interesting is he joined Ardian Mill yesterday to talk about Zach Wilson, take a listen to what he had to say about him. Watching Zach Wilson for the first time Live is a total experience. He's different. He's definitely different. The ball explodes out of his hands. Quite fluidly. He's got tremendous footwork, infectious amount of energy. The skill set is elite. I just watched him Throw. Patrick Mahomes passed a quick release on a bubble screen. And I can see why coaches and scouts compare him to the Kansas City quarterback because he has a lot of the same asset was an interesting black. Elite skill set intensity, Corey Davis said. You know he's really hard on himself, and that means he's going to go a long way in the NFL. But he likes to have fun, too. So He's an interesting blend of skill set and approach to the game that I think gives him a chance to be successful. When you hear that, Langer I mean, again, like in South has been around the game enough to where it's like. All right, let's pump the brakes. Another thing. Sao Paulo is doing this for the sake of Hey, he's going to be a Fanboy for Zach Wilson. But there is something about it. I can remember the first time. Seeing, you know, go into some of the practices. Um, you know, back in the day with some, You know, when I'm hearing some of the practices for Johnny Manziel at Texas A and M right and even going back to Joe Burrow over at LSU Whenever they had it, ripping in that spring ball that they were going something feels like it's in the air. I don't know how fast the Jets can become a quote unquote contender, but just the fact that people are excited about the quarterback position. I think that says all you need to know, especially when it's such a quarterback driven league now, right? I was going to say you do not have to worry at all about Jets fans getting over excited over what Sal just said, because they're pumping their own breaks before anyone else that I can tell you that fans cut their own breaks like I feel like Eagles and Jets fans will cut their own breaks before they actually pump them in a way in a way, so I don't know if you know this about me PB. I was born and raised a Jets fan. My whole family's from New York. My dad's from Queens grew up with, you know, see. And tickets for a long, long time. I mean, family roots roots deep jet roots in the family. Um, and it's It's stressful to be a Jets fan. It was even to the point where at one point last season, my dad was like, I don't even know if I want Trevor Lawrence because I don't want us to ruin him. We are wearing quarterbacks go to die, and he seems like such a good kid. So like That's the point that a lot of Jets fans are at to that point, though. I'm very excited to see Zach Wilson because this is a franchise that's been losing for so delaying long Super Bowl three PB was not even close to existing in this world. Super Bowl three, The last Super Bowl, the Jets one, of course, and also Elijah more that seems to be like the good 12 punch. I looking of looking forward to seeing Jamaar Chase in Joe Burrow get back together. That will be fun. What's not fun is what Ron Rivera in the Washington football team is going on there right now. Same thing with the Minnesota Vikings. How it could change. Everything according to the NFL will tell you next year on best week ever on ESPN Radio, whether on your radio On your phone or your smart speaker now playing ESPN radio. I just don't know if you can.

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