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But we just talked about how the nation right now is enraptured in in well in Italy, where I's divide, and it's in a lab. Ction year, So I just think it would be a shame if the opportunity for reform were lost in the cracks because of the polarization. But again, that bullshit bolsters the argument yet again for you to take the matters into local hands, rather than waiting for developments to be made on the national scene. Bingo. Find out who your legislators are and email them. Now, if you were looking for an unconventional solution to the problem, Ron Perlman has an interesting proposal. Donating $50,000 to Black lives matter Charities. If Senator Ted Cruz wrestles him in a match cage match. You got to read truces, quote. Tweet. Yes, this This came about after AH online disagreement. A tweet war between Ron Perlman and Other actors, including Ted Cruz, he said Cruz Tweeted out, quote. Listen, How boy you talk a good name game when you've got Hollywood makeup and stuntman, but all that $10,000 to the non political charity of your choice that you couldn't last five minutes in the wrestling ring with Jim Jordan without getting pinned you up for it, Or does your publicists say too risky? I love that because Jim Jordan was a wrestler like he was a little really not not the WWF kind. But like the stuff you see in high school, and the reason why Jim Jordan was brought in conversation was because Ron Perlman used his image as an insult, saying that Ted Cruz was the second most ugly politician following Jim Jordan. Wow. So I mean, you know, look an unconventional solution to a problem captivating the national attention. Reactions include Emily Ram shawl from Texas Tribune said. Squint. Imagine if women ran everything. New York Times reporter Maggie asked her all. Maggie Astor also added, God men are exhausting. I'm not sure if I can comment on that. Well, I mean, you're the perfect person to comment on it. You're a male. Correct. So that means commenting on male affairs couldn't possibly be sexist. It's the one rare opportunity where you are shielded from criticism, Doctor. I doubt it. I doubt I'm going to say something, and I'm going to get crucified for. Uh, Unfortunately, that's kind of the direction things are taking everybody so hyper sensitive these days. You got that right? But I thought, you know that interaction between Ron Ron Perlman Ted Cruz was pretty humorous to save Leaf.

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