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How He wished Oh cutest Jack Russell terrier ever. Exactly. I never heard of this this will. Never, come over here we sloppy across. Always. Your slap on that wishbone is the best actor of our generations exactly or is it a real Dongbei? wishbone the Jack Russell terrier with the pension for literary classic is getting a Feature Film Treatment via Oscar winner Peter Farrelly. Has. got a fairly good shot up making this a winner. Yeah, he does. It only last two seasons. Seasons. Yeah she does because she didn't live under a rock apparently. Between, nine hundred, ninety, six, and. One Chew seasons season one was forty episodes in season two, only ten before they said, this is crap. Lasted refers fifty episodes nine, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, two, thousand, and one I'm just I'm just telling you what? Was the hardest working actor in Hollywood didn't even take a break and Yep definitely dead which sure that. Dog. But now we'll find out what the story is learn marker. We'll be working on the script. Not to be confused with Roy Parker's saying ghostbuster. Paper must be confused. Saying No. Information on just how excited I am and Mattel's also part of it they're going to do the projects like the Barbie movie and a Bernie feature you. Know I got cancelled. They said the people behind this. said that PBS halted production because the show quote did not have merchandising potential. What's the story with that wishbone couldn't like sell toys and gadgets and gizmos play had a wishbone doll. Legal. Dot got from the flea market. Started maybe I should talk to them about probably this is exciting for you. Cool. Broza didn't watch PBS listening yeah. This is where you guys are. Definitely GonNa like this news that is nerd carbon. Guy Hager. Finally some good news New South Park movies could be in the works. So maybe good news because it could mean they say. South Park. After. It came about in the ninety s I'm sorry South Park bigger longer and uncut was ninety nine. It's been a long a good movie won a lot of awards. Added Ninety seven. Grant Gish hasn't even started yet as head of adult animation for Viacom CBS, but he's already got a task build out the South Park Franchise with Matt Stone and Trey Parker hasn't met stone or Furka just yet but his bosses want him to work with the show make a new South Park movie or maybe several specials as well. Peg To special events to build on new strategy for the company tuning in intellectual property into new IDs. If they were on right now, they could be having a blast with all of this cove in nineteen pandemic on sure there will masks no mask something that would be so much material in addition to announcing reboots of Beavis and butthead and of South Park these new movies coming out times are we going to try and reboot? Just. Shut it down for my Bung. It's to know they're also going to revive. Bruin free knows Oprah. Nick Canada? No No. No. No cannons. No I'm. A little bit of this a little bit of that it's cartoon and it's Renan. SIPPY is. Like zero points that are. Down that the Netflix's zone was long order A. Comedy Central Reviving. The original lasted five seasons on nickelodeon MTV nine, hundred, Ninety, one to ninety, six rugrats and Doug. Also around the same time but Ren and stimpy considered more of an adult show is this your? Right. There are many details on that it will be reimagined. and New creative teams going to be behind it because the guy who created. A real piece of work, right but. I can be a clue, I don't I don't. I don't know what the exact accusations so I don't want to say but like he was, he did some bad stuff and I guess it's not part of anymore guess we'll see what the the prude craters will do. Now you're gonNA find out before you better. Back away from that back retraction on the boob tube to tell the truth on. ABC's here's Premiere of Star Trek lower deck's on CBS L. Access series premiere of hit-men on. New York Times rented stimpy Creator accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers in the nineties. Bunch of prudes over there at my here, why did you say that Shawn Watson that is highly inappropriate. Matthew mcconaughey and Jaden Smith will be Jimmy Fallon and I will be burying was open a whole. Of A great great Thursday my friends wash your hands wh. Why do you guys always? Being refereeing. I. Had, nothing to do with. Just sounded very. Sad. To laugh and sat instead of asking what's wrong with me. Oh that's a good question running out. Of Time we gotta go to. Lear on pepper. Shakers Su. Let, me see it. I haven't seen it yet. Where a mask and wash your hands and I guess, remember too smoke weed everyday. All right. Good luck with that whole. When we come back we will. To that sounded dirt? Look at the time of the show. There's a prize up for grabs. You could tell I did not see if I could get right balance I did not make this because it's A. It's got some designs on it that don't look very me but the prize is here regardless and either Sabrina see later, for instance, going to win this let's see how they do when we come back nobody cheat nobody look up nothing during the break I'm I'm. Look up nothing during the no because I was gonNA tell you what the game was grammatically correct. I'll tell you next I'd be telling you next stay there the news junkie on real radio are. Just minutes away from a grand in your hands brought to you by meals air on radio went on four point one. Hey, Sabrina here from the news junkie and I have to tell you one of the many.

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