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In miami which is reporting several deaths no numbers confirmed yet fox's grenell scott has more live this bridge meant to connect the university florida international university and the nearby town of sweetwater was only in place since this past saturday when it was swung into place nine hundred fifty tonnes structure as you said not open to the public but was over a busy roadway with people and cars passing underneath it and possibly construction workers on it are fox miami affiliate reports several deaths with cars crushed the university says in a statement is still a rescue situation florida governor rick scott has reportedly been briefed and will be continually updated on this situation leads thanks colonel that statement from the university also says they are shocked and saddened calling this tragic event russia gets punished for election meddling as part of new us sanctions over militias cyber attacks the sanctions target nineteen individuals and five entities some recently indicted in the russia probe this as the u us joins france germany and the uk blaming moscow for the poisoning of a former russian spy in britain averse said situation it certainly looks like the russians were behind it something that should never ever happen an and trump says the us is taking it very seriously russia denies involvement in the kremlin is reportedly repairing to retaliate for both the us sanctions and britain's expulsion of russian diplomats over the poisoning fox news fair and balanced gotomeeting is the collaborative meeting tool trusted by over eighteen million monthly users but how do we make the concept of eighteen million more real for you well if you wanted to travel eighteen million miles you could go to the moon and back thirty six times and still have a few miles leftover for a detour eighteen million dollars could buy you four point five million nonfat isolates which would keep you caffeinated from now until the end of your career or if you took eighteen million standing desks breaks well you'd probably be in great shape visit gotomeeting dot com to learn why so many people trust us doubt them get work done are we ready to open next month i think so.

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