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On jesus. No way to go. I jumped on the bandwagon the union vited me onto basically, this is your and wag. Right. And you know, what you should have been like if I did all this mess. It up. Should've stayed on. I didn't know that my hundred sixty five pounds would cause the bandwagon to collapse Cam was stronger than that not about your waves. If I show essence like you, just broadband vibes. My. Pash your broadband? You persuaded me to do everything we're doing here today? Vo and yourself word versus you'd have malleable first name the Steelers, Pittsburgh did crush the Panthers. Fifty two to twenty one last night and afterward. Mike Tomlin said, quote, probably not that good and quotes. So Bo how good are these Steeler. I mean, he's right about the fact that they're not that good. This wit for being down seven nothing. Too up fourteen seven in the span of one play from slimy. It was absurd. What was happening? They were killing the Panthers secondary of after we had said the defense is probably better than the other. Out here and a little ice with cheese. We talk about the Steelers when they don't play. Well, we talk about the when they're Mr. chaos what we know is they have all kinds of firepower. What we did not know whether they hit a defence and defence look bad early. This year looks good. Now, we were texting about the game. While we were watching this watching our predictions and our enthusiasm go to the wayside, and yeah, they might have dropped seventy on this team both they really really wanted to. And the only argument I think that backs up Mike Tomlin here is that. If you see this team as a stock. It seems clear that they are peaking because this is just such a high right now peaking assuming that this whole thing works on up down sort of mad recognize this is good as they are going to look, right? And it's fair to have a game where everything is going every day. It was a great day at work. Right. You hit all the stop lights. Your song is all when you turn on the radio. Everything went right for them in the course of this game. We could expect it you know, they play like this every week. We'll yeah. Of course, if they do, but the. Fundamental parts seemed to be there for this team. And that's what you deal with go along run them. Yeah. Big ben. He's not going to have more touchdowns. Incompletions? I would say again this season. I feel confident predicting that. But this defense is five straight weeks. Now bowl of them being really really really good. And this offense offense of wine gets complicated. Now, James Connor gets concussed is out. But. Oh, I'm glad you brought that up while the it don't matter if the Bill comes back like this is in a position where people get hurt. Right. Like if Levy Bill goes back in time to play James congress out published complain, you think people are going to do because that do that's behind James cod. This idea that you put anybody behind that line. They run the other dude isn't as good as James Connor, right? Like that everybody not he's not probably a guy who came. But the obvious point to bring up though, is that James Cotter should make it such that Levy on bell already knows nothing to win willing. He's not gonna come back to the sealers who's making the arguments gonna come back to the Steelers nobody thinks that's going to happen. But this we don't need. This. You always need. Good players watching that due to the tunnel in. The course of that game. Should be your reminded win this due back. They'll be salty for a little bit..

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