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Anything last year because they were so passive a fairly new unit. A ton of guys. That are primarily their specialties. Run blocking. I want to see these guys aggressive. Especially if they mixing some play action. It'll make pass blocking easier and really it would just be beautiful to see the steelers offense aligned. Driving guys downfield the second thing i want to see and really this is kind of italian. I thought david decastro return to form if he is not healthy. Of course he didn't participate minicamp or ota's if he's not a football player anymore than of course i wanna see them. Go out and get someone like trade turner to try to replace him. But really if david decastro is playing. I wanna see them. Looked like twenty nine thousand nine to seem as that motivated guy. The fans in stands will help. Because if you didn't already know decastro said he wasn't very motivated to play in front of an empty stadium. The energy wasn't there and it just wasn't the same so i want to see him. Return to that that mahler that he's been for close to a decade now for the pittsburgh steelers if he can do that huge year upcoming for this unit. He is a senior statesman. Guys are going to look to him for veteran guidance. And really a a lot of the wait is gonna fall on his shoulders for this team to be successful. Pass big dave. I don't want to put too much expectations on kendall green but really quite simply at the center spot. I just wanna see. Kenneth green win that spot out. I want to see them win it in training camp. I want him to be the guy day. One Starting center for your pittsburgh steelers third round pick. I want him to start right away. I think the worst case scenario he starts starts after the week. Seven bye week. But i want to see that a couple months before in really week one in buffalo. I want kindergarten to be the starter. I just don't have faith in senior housing. Our i want candor. Green be the guy and i want to see them win that job right away past that and my last thought here in what i wanna see out of the twenty twenty one pittsburgh steelers offense of most importantly i want to see zach banner and chew chor for prove the doubters wrong national media local media and steeler fans alike. A lot of circumstances people are just throwing these guys to curb. Sing there. nothing Zach banner was a beast in those fifty snaps that we got out of them in week one before he tours. Acl and twenty twenty. I think he's going to be a big reason. Why the steelers run game could bounce back in. Return a form as that right tackle. It's gonna be huge year for him and then szucs core for. He is playing a position that he should be more comfortable at left tackle in college. He was pretty successful last year. Let's not forget about that. He wasn't terrible. He was good as a right tackle. I wanna see the pair them. Just play solid. Football be good tackles and really just prove the doubters wrong. If the steelers offense can do everything. I laid out today. There's no way this team is not the best team. They have see north. There's no way they're not a threat in the playoffs. If they can do all these things and really. I don't think they're entirely impossible. I think he could and if they can and hopefully we'll do it. I think this team could bounce back as a true playoff contender. So with all that being said i wanna thank you for tuning in today's live. Mike podcast i want to direct you to behind the steel curtain dot com. Click over. you're going to get all the breaking news. Some film rooms some commentary all that steelers content. You love many many articles each and every day so make sure. Just click over to the website. Dear sosa favor check it.

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