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The deficit limit in both bills four wreck conciliation in at this point they got a lot of work to do gene i think you need uh sweet the positive at this point instead he does that yeah no i i think for the first time you've got a real glide path that can get you something done by the end of the year so they look at how senate building that much on the senate bill itself and at the changes bill mike to conform byrd rule restrictions so i think that were likely to see something moves forward relatively quickly but you gotta watch those corporate rates because they might creep up a little bit or you might see some tease out certain limitations and other provisions but i think the main thing that i would worry about is that corporate regrouping from twenty two twenty one twenty two whatever they need to do to make the numbers were and to get this thing done by the end of the year dan do you think trump rollover on that i think so it's all about the art of the deal and again he needs to get something bank and done and of course this being a republican congress they can turn around and say well mouth tax cuts so across the process seems now to be that the the house votes on its bill and then it gets thrown in the been and v work on the senate bill as the vehicle gone forward you read it now i see the most likely scenario normally the house and senate would meet together but they're working under time constraints and they also have very complex byrd rule issues that your best understand in the senate would ideas linked to the resolution we need limousine this year naked senate budget resolution and then they modify it it to make it more acceptable to the house and that is what they used at the end of the day and night things happening here is is debate this is just this week because the president's on the far side of the world could get help not to have those tweet because both p bills have been rewritten at the last minute the house bill in particular because the presidential tweet sore random statements by um the white house press secretary or uh you know other things so there were sort of parliamentary issues that forced major rewrite some the national title look at.

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