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Talk to me about the business benefit from inclusive marketing. At the end of the day, when you start opening up your target towards a diverse crowd, what can you expect from a benefit for your business? A wider market of people who are interested in your product. It's not just spray and pray. It's thinking about who's interested and can we tap in. And if that interested market does stop in, you can switch a whole bunch of people back on. In terms of Gen Z and millennials and the younger generations coming on board, they're buying intent right now is about 70% on the values of a company. So you could increase that buying intent when younger generation. I don't always like to play the age aspect of it because a lot of people like we want to target baby boomers or whoever whatever generation. But even if you're targeting a specific generation or specific market, making that marketing inclusive opens you up to a segment that's already interested. It not only opens up your potential Tam. You're totally accessible market. It also is the way of the future. That this is something that younger generations are increasingly prioritized. So if you want a larger market now, or if you want to be successful with your marketing efforts in the future, diversity, inclusion, inclusive marketing is something that is table stakes. It is something that you have to do. And that wraps up this episode of the mar tech podcast. Thanks for listening to my conversation with Joanne Boyce, the founder of arima and co for joining us in part two of this interview which we'll publish tomorrow. Joanne and I are going to continue our conversation talking about inclusive marketing strategies..

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