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Work the first five times because it is going to evolve sit down just write some words get going experiments. I would say experiment Labs experimenting is probably the best advice and then also trying to write regularly thinking about your story maybe thinking about your story even only one to two scenes, So when you show up at that page the next time at least you have something to start with you don't necessarily need to build Rome all in one day just start and I see a lot of times online especially people asking questions. Well, what should I do? Should I do this or should I do that? Should I write it this way? Should I get this thing and people are like, oh no, no do it this way do it this way, and I'm usually like yeah, why don't you try all of it and see what works for you. Maybe what really is best for you is some combination more of thing a and a little bit of thing be but dead. Somebody else might be more thing be you really have to try at all to discover what works or at least look at what already works for you and build upon that say, well, I you know based on how I am with doing household chores or my job at work or you know taking care of the kids. I normally like this type of thing. So look at what life offers that as a writer what you know, is it getting up early like you said and writing or are you better at taking a couple of minute break at lunch and scribbling some things down, you know wage are valid but they work for different types of people. Yes agreed and that's why experimenting is so important and also being nice to yourself and knowing that it may take you a little while to figure out what's going to work. And then also I would say no that is something to try and that it may change honestly with every book depending on what type of book you're writing down. The worst thing is to get stressed about thinking I'm not writing enough. I'm not writing correctly. I'm not writing the right way or whatever and then your words reflect it. It's very difficult to write when your mind is stress and cycling on problems.

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