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With vampires. The main character was not asher a rock singer and also of empire which besides dancing in revealing catsuits. She also used to sing her own version for sympathy for the devil. All that ahead on the globalist live from london. I look at what else is happening in the news leading. Us defense officials have said that the taliban takeover of afghanistan can be traced back to a deal between the group and the trump administration copay nineteen cases and melbourne have surged to a record level despite the australian city being placed in hard lockdown for almost two months and access to an online museum which remembers the victims of china's nineteen eighty-nine tiananmen square. Crackdown has been restricted in hong kong. Stay tuned monocle twenty-four throughout the day for more on those stories but now the polish government has said it will request the extension of a state of emergency along. Its shared border with belarus poland. Lithuania and latvia have all reported sharp increases in the number of migrants crossing into their territory from belarus with accusations that the government is doing little if anything to prevent people from entering neighboring nations. Let's get the latest now with alex contra off an expert on russia ukraine belarus and eurasia at ihs market. Good morning alex. Good morning give us a sense of how bad the situation is for poland and what president andre dudas sang about the need to extend this state of emergency. We still see reports of dozens irregular migrants attempting to cross from belarus into poland every day and there are also reports of some of these irregular migrants effectively stranded Own the border with on the one hand. They are prevented from entering polish territory. Further by the polish guards on the other belarussian bodyguards Allow them back into belarus. So there is A real humanitarian situation happened on the border affecting these irregular migrants attempting to cross. But we also see that the hundreds more of potentially thousands who rating belarus and Blabbing to make a journey into the eu. The latest reports this morning from amnesty international say poland illegally pushback migrants across the border into belarus. What we know about this We've seen these reports by human rights organization saying that Poland acted unlawfully Not allow these regular migrants to seek asylum on its territory also seek shelter and access to food and drinking water But we know at least of one group of people There about thirty of them who have been stranded on the border for Since mid august already. So it's been quite quite a while and as we're getting into autumn conditions are going to get even worse for them. Most of the migrants are reported to be from iraq and afghanistan with poland and other eu states blaming belarus for this worsening situation as you said what does the regime in men say about what's happening well regime in belarus says that it's got nothing to do with the irregular migration crisis on the border between belarus. And it's easy you neighbors bugs credible media both in the eu countries and the independent ones covering belarus have a reported in great detail About journeys which these people make from a places such as iraq and afghanistan They fly into bellarusse own to of packages which the purchase from a state owned belarussian to agency and then the are reportedly assisted To travel from minsk the national capital to the borders of lithuania latvia and poland whether they courage to cross into the eu you mention this reports of people flying into to belarus and even being helped to the border. Eu states and poland have said this is a direct strategy of the lukashenko regime to to cause disruption. What do you make of that well. It is very probable that this is the case of belarus. Suspended the Readmission agreements With the you. Back in june after the incident with the ryan air Aircraft being forced to land at minsk airport at the end of may And we've seen that. Belarus has been making concrete steps into a significantly reducing. Its full cooperation with its union members on our fighting irregular migration So he says very probable that the About kristen governments is actually behind this Inflow of irregular migrants in a colin. Lithuanian latvian. Let's go back to the situation on the ground on the border now. Poland is saying it's finding evidence of extremism On the phones and and amongst the belongings of people that are arriving there. This doesn't sound all that different from what's polish leaders said during the migration crisis back in two thousand fifteen so what does the e you make of of their strategy to to say we don't want these people at our borders or or in our country. Poland has been quite reluctant to accept asylum. Seekers from middle eastern countries in the past and so this development is not really new I can understand that. There are concerns that at least some of these People who are seeking entry a illegally into into the you may have some materials which of could be construed as extremists Boats probably more information on this would be required to make an intelligent assessments. Alex will leave it there. That is alex contract from ihs market. You are listening to the globalists' a monocle twenty four. We turn now to afghanistan where a taliban officials comments about education in. The country have sparked fear that women's rights in the country will be further restricted. The taliban appointed chancellor of kabul university tweeted. Women would not be allowed to return to university although he has said reports have taken. Those comments out of context women and girls were mostly banned from public life when the taliban ruled between nineteen ninety-six in two thousand and one but militant group has said this time would be different. Something many do not believe for more. I'm joined now by lynn. O'donnell a columnist for foreign policy magazine and the former ap and afp bureau chief in afghanistan. Lynn good morning. Hi daniel the speed of this turnaround and how the taliban is ruling the country. I'm sure does not surprise you at all. Oh well that could be given understatement. I could. I can only say that. I expected all of this. And we're only what six weeks into the new regime and the rollout has been really astonishingly. Lost what we're saying is the taliban and rollback of women's rights and girls rights At across the board at an extraordinary pace in education work Freedom of movement to how they dress Even whether they can go outside of the huns excess to healthcare and even being banned from sport yesterday on afghan television a taliban officials if we can use that would say that women can't read brightly colored clothing high heels perfume. I mean these Restrictions that affect the that every aspect of women's lives. Yeah the chancellor of kabul university newly appointed by the talent of course has put a long list of things that are banned on his on his twitter account. And those things that you mentioned there no perfume no brightly colored clothing But he underscored it by saying basically islam. I and that's exactly what we expect from the taliban guests well it's An interpretation that hasn't been analyzed or explain to the public it's always according to sharia law as with any religion Interpretations are broad and deep and there isn't any Explanation of of what interpretation of sharia laurie to be applied. it's always an excuse. It's the same as You know it's now. Nearly two wakes us in schools for boys but from High school Go to not being allowed to attend classes and It excuses That are rolled out things like well. It's for their safety With still working out mechanisms But these these never come and between nineteen ninety six and two thousand and one as you say when the taliban elastic control it was the same be patient We're working at how we can do. Is we coming. Up with mechanisms. Is petra fisher and it never happened so the the very real concern is. It will never happen this time. Are you seeing signs. This crackdown on women's rights and girls rights and public could be even more severe going forward. Well it's severe in a way that If for instance if women are not allowed to leave their homes Except in the company of a male relatives and the reason i male relatives in the i'm i know what we do with two daughters for instance in this situation. Then she can't leave her hunt to go and buy food to feed her daughters. So you'll looking at a situation where women becoming prisoners in their huns and sanctions to stop. Today's a line If we went on those allowed to go to Clinics and doctors surgeries To see Mile doctors because women don't design no longer allowed to function then they healthful size houses if they most allowed to play schools. They can't do exercise if they can't go outside. Except all covered up then. I don't have access to the secrets of of of health Vitamin day for instance. I mean you see in countries where women are restricted in their movements and the clothing That's they become victims of this lack of excess to the daily basic elements of healthcare exercise and sunshine. So what we think is. The is the slow deaths of women..

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