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On by i think you were mentioning early '80s joy i have him as eighty seven i wonder is going to be a lot of enthusiasm by the cops to go after robert wagner at age eighty seven when they've already look into it so many times if new people are gonna come forward and uh and she didn't have these bruisers nobody's ever known did the has come from her falling out of the dinghy trying to climb back in or was there an assault but boy it has been so long it may be hard to generate much energy for looking into this further great because he has eighty seven it it's like okay now you have this nazis that you know live in ohio now in their 90s everyone's like willie's 95 well yeah but he is also responsible for the eh in aiding to kill a lot of thousands of people that he didn't know children women men okay trying to wipe out a race he's guilty that robert wagner was married to this woman he's eighty seven i don't i i honestly in my heart and i know i know katie wagner i know his daughter i've known her for like twenty years she doesn't believe that rj is one of the nicest coolest guys and i know you you've always thought something john but how in the hell are they going to go back there's no footage there's no i know she was terrified of the water so we know she didn't go in on purpose but could it have been just a matter of everyone getting really wasted and then having an argument but her actually going up what is he going to do throw his wife over as i will will hear something to put in the back your head and we've been talking about a lot of these crimes that happened in the '80s '90s if people were obsessed with simpson again john but a ramsey versand end as brothers for sake yet they're all shows on them again and that means that the networks are going to devote a lot of resources to investigating these crimes on their own and if cbs news and forty eight hours or dateline or one of these crime shows figures out what happened and shows up the cops.

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