ABC, Rob Marciano, President Trump discussed on At Home with Gary Sullivan


From ABC news, John Chuck Silverton, President Trump's threat the bus illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities is still under consideration says White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on ABC's this week. Full and thorough and extensive review, the president likes the idea and Democrats have said they want these individuals into their communities. So let's say if it works in everybody gets a win out of these types of ideas are just distractions as chairman of the house homeland security committee Bennie Thompson, Mississippi democrat, but we have now is a constant push of the system so dated were urging doctors and other medical personnel. Volunteers city officials in Las Cruces, New Mexico to give checkups and any help to all the migrants, they say were bust into the city by the border patrol this weekend over ninety on Friday and more than eighty others. Yesterday, also calls for donations of food and personal hygiene products. The migrants are being housed in a homeless shelter and other facilities officers at the sheriff's office and metro Phoenix that made fifty two percent fewer traffic stops in the years since judge concluded they had racially profiled Latinos, and then sheriff jor piles immigration patrols from interviews done by the Associated Press more than a dozen reported. Tornadoes ripping through four states in Texas in the south blamed for at least three deaths. More storms today possibles ABC news chief meteorologist, rob Marsha several pockets of convection as this entire system, which is growing in size moves way towards the northeast so Charlotte, Roanoke, certainly Augusta getting up to Pittsburgh and Scranton than whole thing. Pushes through New York City ABC's rob Marciano, Nevada faces complaints about secrecy in ordering licenses to sell marijuana in the state's booming legal marketplace willing over lawsuits and legislation that appear poised to pry open the process several companies of sued the state tax department. They will.

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