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Is nuts when my dad would come home from what it was by redder and at least in tbilisi and i remember vividly somewhere times. Does walk up to me Try to like splinter located that of this interview in school and my dad response in several occasions whilst move move move move nike disturbing me anex iago so we ended up like my mom winning la grades on my bad my mom was but by a movable serenity nor do i mean we're laughing but just to put like you i mean the time period. You're talking about. I'm guessing is like the seventies which by all forty years ago. Yeah these alligators Bring up in freetown for. I mean just to let you know that like you know read me. Just sierra leone What is called the dhs. It's like the housing survey basically every five years. There's a demographic and health survey that's done and the most recent one for sierra leone just came out it was compiled in twenty nineteen and the d h s is done by statistics sierra leone and funded by lots of our partners and you will not be surprised but today in sierra leone about sixty one percent of women between the ages of fifteen and forty nine have experienced spousal violence In fact it's gone up by ten percents From twenty thirteen in twenty hundred thirteen. When did the survey was fifty one percent ten years later more women in sierra leone actually report that they've been victims of spousal violence and You know sometimes. We think that. I mean as we discuss these issues we talk about you know human rights in sierra leone and you know the place of women the place of man. Women's rights the rights of children. Because we talk about this a lot. I think sometimes this like in our minds. We think because we're talking about it. That things are changing for the better that the that the conversation in itself as this like intrinsic value which is a sign of change right. And it's just you know. When i saw the the i was just really really heartbroken. Actually that even though we are talking about two to lots Even though there are programs even though you know the police now has like a special family support unit across every playstation. Now there's a family unit that's supposed to deal with issues of domestic violence and domestic abuse. Of course it's very very underfunded in general but just that you know you see the posters on the streets so you think that things are changing But that something you experienced growing up almost like three. Four decades ago is still very much a big problem in sierra. We wanna protect girls who wanna protect women. We wanna hands off our girls. You wanna do all these things when we talk about them but in our households. I don't think that the conversations are happening. I think a key part of the reasons why the conversations are not being the family household is again because of how men see themselves in our society in our communities in our families and so i'm really keen on talking to men like you Because i think that meant only men can talk to. You know because if we see the reality. Monday cedeno if not for Be wandering it's like this idea that the men are adults. The women are not right. If you really want to have these conversations about changing. We want to transform our society than not only miracle. Monday and say not to from. Because i may not be keep like come up before we move. Will you know what i mean. It's very important for men to speak up and for men to take a stand because you can talk to other men because other men see you as equal in a way that they don't see someone like you're i mean because Yeah go ahead. But i mean it's also like growing up on understanding all of these dynamics you'll inherited and inheritance all laminates not inherit Your language grow And each you.

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