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The eagles have a three nothing lead over the fighting Irish that's an early in the third period Penn state and Michigan are nothing nothing in the first the NCHC no score between North Dakota and western Michigan at the end of two Saint cloud state has a one nothing lead over Miami no the perfect boy did not score in that one that's at the end of June it is sort of the loop but nothing over all that in the first one we talked a little bit earlier about a game coming up tomorrow afternoon that'll be the golden goal for women against the Minnesota state Mankato Mavericks women that'll be the dedicated a hockey hall of fame game will be played in prior lake at the code I center I believe is the official name of the rink hi again three thirty tomorrow afternoon proceeds from the game of course it will benefit drawing some attention hockey hall of fame and have a let the proceeds from the game we'll go to the cap agency which I believe is the community action partnership of Scott carver and a coda counties and also to the Mankato area United Way now if you want to rub some elbows that's the place to be the card I sent a referral Natalie Tareq's covered by Delphi Deeks I slider Henry Boucherie John Harrington reed Larson gory Roberts is going to be there I think Dave laws of it will be there I think he on the list here is a recent spirit of life award winner Matt Olson young man from a senator who was paralyzed in a two year hockey accident playing in Chicago a couple years ago so all of that all those people are going to be at the Dakota ice center tomorrow three thirty great game to watch all as a very special occasion a lot of people can get out there and support there is because so yeah a lot just forget the guys right yes gold medals yes to be really really fun event called over women go in there with a fourteen one and three records yes it is a conference but it'll be technically a non conference game and we got an emotional highlights coming up next is one leading the gophers through the first twenty minutes of and this is IMG college I'm I'm not shows my big TV in my favorite chair it's game time you know the only thing that would make it a little better is.

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