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List of top ten list of back to school cars yeah what do you think of their choice I liked it the the criteria was vehicles that could be bought for twenty thousand dollars now that doesn't mean MSRP of twenty thousand dollars or less it just means transaction present one thousand dollars or less so other years one of the tools on their website to the show shows what people actually pay for partial all these were under twenty thousand dollars Carol hatchback I mean we love that car we reviewed kia soul one of my favorites Honda civic you can never go wrong there monster three one of the most underrated cars out there and although it's not under twenty thousand the Mazda three hatchback is a cool car he Debbie Jennifer we had that car not too long ago we got a review on it how to fit if it's big enough for you it's a good car great gas mileage Hyundai Kona that one is really picking up staying right now that's a great vehicle Honda HRV Subaru Impreza if if there was a weak link in the list it was a super impressive for me I just you know it's a good car to Subaru nobody love server more than me but you know I just think there's better values out there than what you get with the president farming lasting was a Nissan kicks little issue very took the place of the Nissan juke it's not quite as radical looking got got all kinds of safety stuff and the one I reviewed you actually have bought for around eighteen thousand dollars if I had a young drivers wanted an issue V. Nissan kicks is probably the one that I put a man back to San Antonio Texas and we don't talk to John John thank you for holding my friend what kind of a for you thank you for taking my call I just wanted to thank you first off I found myself suddenly handicapped and I emailed here where you guys were really quick with a response and what vehicle you guys recommend it is hard to use all their lap I just wanted to thank you for that I thought that was really cool did you end up getting something here at Purdue I'm trying to sell more yeah I know of I heard you a show I watch you every Saturday I listen every Saturday and I heard you talking about selling vehicle and I have my Dodge ram at the two thousand fifteen quad cab and I I just love that thing that gap and but I can't get in it anymore I literally can't connect and so I've got to get rid of it and I wonder what you would recommend persona I also have a yeah thirty nine wow that's great on the twenty fifteen and what I love this thing that gap I did not now you know there are some lives out there specifically for pick ups there is and I've been around a long time when I was in when I was in the Ford business I was the only guy in Dallas fort worth actually stocked handicapped equipped vans and and and I sorry I'm a little hard of hearing yeah we can't afford to block a left in a soccer and those things are huge plate spent close the for short I don't know what how much it is on the truck so okay well for me that's we we live at the Chrysler town and country and it fits our needs just perfect those those right Hey what do I'm gonna website of innocent you too it's called retail my ride dot com retail my ride dot com what they're gonna do is you're gonna take your truck on consignment it's perfect for this there's there's so few twenty fifteen trucks around with under a hundred thousand miles much less under forty thousand miles they'll get you top dollar for it they'll take a little to cut off the top and then they'll give you the balance of it to real good people to do business with the market destruct all over the country and they can do with that they've got it down to a science John that honestly not even act could match because of four they place ads for the truck they pay for all that stuff I mean it's just a good way to maximize your dollars I recommend it always if it's just a run of the mill you know if you had a twenty fifteen truck with a hundred and fifty thousand miles I'll give you a two inch somewhere else but given the rarity of what you've got in the in the truck market being so good right now I think they're the people to talk to its retail my ride dot com can we put that up on our Facebook page a link to that here in the next break sure so that if John or other people who can't down right this second honestly it just just put a link up there we will will definitely take care that we were pretty sure John I'm glad I could help you thank you for the call at the end I will remind you podcast all three hours of the show commercial free it'll be.

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