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Keyshawn is the winner of tonight's joust on the other side of the coin. I am the master joust her call. I've never seen you succeed in anything. Athletically give me heads aw heads mythical money coming. My way always said jousting is my game well. We're about to find out j. all right guys n._f._l. Players always make a big deal out of their madden video game raid yeah. The new game is out and they're only seven even players that have a rating of ninety eight or higher four guys up in ninety nine. Three guys have a ninety eight. Let's see how many of the seven you can get three strikes and you're out so you greg rogers hanging around whatever eugenicist here whoever earned donald donald is the number one ninety nine on the he's one of the four guys that have a ninety nine very good what he's saying ezekiel acing ezekiel elliott you wanna you wanna guess zeke i strike no is using our game. Journey strike hit the ball off to the pool so he's got one right and you've got one strike. We think like j. j. watt j._j. Watt i would go. Let's school wide receiver wide receiver antonio tonio brown that is correct 'antonio brand ninety eight. He's one of the three people that have ninety eight. So how many do we have left. You have five left and you only have one strike. Oh good call is ben ben. You go that khalil. Mack is right ben conroy on roy so now you have two of the four that have ninety nine. I was going to give you give you a hint for the other two ones a wide receiver fever and one's a linebacker and the linebacker is obscure. I was surprised linebacker was on there but you got the two obvious ones aaron donald and khalil mack when there's a wide receiver and areas aries eight line jones no odell down andre andre hopkins saint andre hopkins that is correct to elicit andrea up with the i got four four of the seven the one the one guy you're missing that has the ninety nine is a linebacker sure. I'll say he plays what would not give it away. He plays on the west coast okay. He plays on the west coast win of the ninety eight. There are two of them and you've already mentioned one of the names but j._j..

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