ABC, President Trump, Connecticut Supreme Court discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


From ABC news. I'm Richard Cantu. We have four people in custody. We are not aware of other people. But we cannot assume there are not others at LA Jews Zealand national police Commissioner Mike Bush announcing the arrest of Freeman. And a woman in attacks on two mosques in the city of Christ's church on the southern island. We have multiple fatalities. At this point. I can't say how many better is significant to suspects not content to just shoot their victims dead. There were a number of days attached to vehicles that we also stopped Taibbi might Saif by the defence force. But that does go to the seriousness of this situation. New Zealand Prime Minister just send Arden calls at one of the country's darkest days in this country. The Simon visa call centre is reporting on online extremism, your online terror in Hades survey giving Facebook and Twitter less than a grades for stopping online hate Instagram got a C, but report author Rabbi Abraham Cooper says there are bigger concerns like Russia based vk dot com or Gad, which is the platform. That the shooter in Pittsburgh used the hate survey says that racist and terrorists are migrating to lesser known but still dangerous social sites Andy Field. ABC news, Washington and appellate court in New York rule that former apprentice contestant summer services defamation suit against President Trump can move forward. The judges said the supremacy clause of the constitution was never intended to deprive estate court of its authority to decide cases Cervo sued President Trump for defamation after he called her and other women who had accused him of sexual misconduct liars. The ruling raises the possibility the president will have to sit for a deposition Aaron Katersky. ABC news, New York divided. Connecticut supreme court ruled four three the gun maker Remington can be sued over how it marketed. The semiautomatic rifle used to kill in the a school in Newtown in two thousand.

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