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We're to have problems say. He never uses the same quilt twice. So you go all right. All right. I. I have to say obviously as as evidenced by my facial expression. When you first announced the pick, I was like okay. Okay, Dave must've gotten a Tony. Stash and had had a few with him. I've been drinking. But. Then you described the interaction, and then you described the whole thing with him Dr Manhattan and at the end of it I thought. It wouldn't have been my first choice when my second choice wouldn't have been my seven, hundred and twelfth choice. But the way you described it. Kinda WanNa see that story now and he dropped the MIC. He's done. Well done, sir, well done I'll take it. Because I think it's that nihilism. It's that it's that. Dr Manhattan is like life has no meaning jokers, like of course, not unless it's. That's the joke for him. The joke is ending the world document. Hatton's like man. Don't give a fuck. Okay, sure, let's try it snap. Okay, so let's recap this and let's take a look at the new. Justice League the Twelfth Person, Justice League, and then I wanna hear you guys just from your expert opinions. professionally and as Geeks What's the dynamic? That's going to happen with this so here's the team. We've got the Martian manhunter. Mister Miracle Logo She's Am the question. Lantern Jessica. Cruz Green Lantern! Constant Tyne Judge Anderson Dream doctor. Manhattan Alfred I just have to sit on that one for a minute. And the joker as the new Justice League. Snyder cut be, damned? Now I I think judge Anderson and the joker would be fun because she can read his mind. He's not ready for that. I can't think of I can't think of a story with the joker where somebody could read his mind, and they can anticipate what he's GonNa do, but somebody can just actually be in his head, and who anyway is that the direction you go, though 'cause I mean, I could see that direction where he's gotta deal with her because she can read his mind. and. That's just not the spacey's used to being in. His also the direction you go where she can read his mind, but she just doesn't. She can't yes I think I think a more interesting dynamic in this is logo in the joker? That's your. Man. That's all. I was thinking this entire time. That's going to be scary. About well, the bottom line is everybody has been wacky, ASS cousin that. You? Know you just you know better. You know better just don't mess with them and yet someone else who who's not quite there, but but you know still has sense. You can talk to him a little bit..

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