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Did the process you know. We still very strong growth. While processing tumbling in Melvin side A hardball I'm sorry her I think potentially could well. Because it's a mining town the economy driven by exports online or goals. This still goalies. They sang process at the moment. Because it is seen as the ultimate even You know lots of gold being exploited China you never covering nights honoring call view saying that's a potential for various. You know the monument. It's it's anyone's guess I could. I could list like some twenty random numbers and you can just put them wherever you want. In terms of what will happen. We'd pricing but you know the jets come to my thinking. Government focused health health. Kit for your economy is driven by that pretty fife at the moment in it at the other end of the sky. Oh trees Vulnerable on me. What do you make the headlines? with Some sign that the market's going to drop twenty percent so and a and a guy in which Makali'i told me about but did you mentioned that you will Cautiously optimistic Evidence to suggest that I look. It's impossible like literally impossible to come out with a cold and I think the number I love her number and as he read like you if that twenty percents premium Sydney Sydney is that Australia is a capital CD You know we are every time. There's a property downtown one market. Does I and another market completely collapse and get back to the early nineties? Melbourne Melbourne collapsed. Oh carswell monning. Boom J. F. Say if the premium you know this is such a mock defense. Iran people come out with twenty percents. I'm like officially. Explain Yourself. Water out here and they can lay. Luckily we don't know because the problem is the financial systems on a fundamentally that will unappealing distress a you know. We're not not as likely to say distress styles in the same way if the financial system collecting that job to employment was riding This time round. It's because they're all stuck in fun out me an properly and we it's likely to be relatively at Thame when things get back to normal normal ever again but you know they'll be more normal than they are now site. It's it's just a complete unknown. As to as to the potential impact Vignal David at that particular economist is is really quite credible. In the the bulk of the chat was about five percent and then it was just a a worst case scenario number twenty seven but of course that became the headline. And I think the town when when when you have a scenario what we're in if people are leaving it just kind of make sense that if there's a few distress sows unless people you know it's almost like a cocoon really isn't worldwide in towards for us to come back out of it and fly again. It counted as Mike Sense. It's like if you're in Iraq. And all of a sudden there's a Hato two-bedroom apartments that have just been released in particular quarter and that's caused the median price to drop. It doesn't necessarily mean everything to rex's drop so again. It's just about being balanced about what's happening in does having fundamentals that underpin it you mentioned before a little bit about the stimulus package What what what. What is your take on on what has been off. Do you think that it's appropriate or is that is that roomful onslaught? We could have done. Things better an equally. What does that actually mean for the for the person on the street the guy just big buckets of cash splashed design to get the economy moving. Which is Greg? What about when? Everything's back to normal when we have this debt. What does that mean for so yeah I know it's a it's an. It's an unusual. I may not a surprise on one hand. We do have Cash payments to people who are on John. Take for example by that fundamentally not debt as just cash that is trying to be pumped into the economy as quickly as many. If you look at what would happen if you guys someone hash now. He was fulltime employed and not in any distress because he paid any debt. Because you're worried about a few showers but when you're on jobs AK- United Genetic Denton. You've probably been any extra cash to even that helps to to really drive the economy You know I think if I if that's what you're referring to the mortgage raises one hand you get free. T. Mortgage but on the other hand end you line out and you know I. I don't know what a solution would be. I mean I'm sure someone has thought of something that might work alluvial at of it. You know if these stage I think Ideally defined go on for longer than twenty three and six months and It will lay to financial. Hit for a Lotta people for a long raisins you know whether they lost their jobs or whether they've had to take a mortgage phrase for whatever reason you haven't done obey the has to be has to be with you know the will be economic line and we're going to get away from having economic pain from the shutdown and I guess ultimately what the government is doing is just trying to meet him. Is that economic kind. Are you know the first stimulus was very designed to help people who were in Very vulnerable situations without a job you know potentially with no income Dan Things of going by you know. I think I thought continuing to ramp up and change what I guess. One of the challenges that the Marines. Everyone's falling one and you know on one hand we're trying to stop the spread of a virus and trying to get people. I in a very very different. Why and then on the other hand deflating to these old economic outcomes which you know it's very hard to avoid them and And government you know just trying to work out the best way I mean. I don't get something wrong. You know like I doubt we paying that. They are and to be terrible. But you know there's some wheezing happens to the market and you know it's just not ideal but I think you seeing here right now. You know it it kind of same allison born at doing you know agree in terms of infected if it's GonNa Repayment Holidays. It means we're interested kept laws and then we'll end up paying more of the law of the line that they caught of smack sense to be the process of You talked about we will go to experience in Pine. That'll that'll be a process of admission Forgetting throat but but just take me back to one on one but if the government spending You know when when we g of say that. Twenty one billion in surplus. We don't have that NASA of the spending all this cash and the gang a quantitative easing at some stage that means on the other end. The government has a lot of debt to repay at some point but as a percentage of AD. Jd Pay It wasn't a big number. So does that disdain. That we're big enough to ride bus enough academy that on the rudest Pie that down. It's not any different to appease around the world yet farming. I guess you know you have a look around the world. Everyone got different problems near economies and especially infrastructure and You know we've gone into these. We've a pretty solid banking system which cheek you know. That's amazing that we regard that because that's going to help us right. The other big thing is that would come going into the service. Sorry we have money to spend Compare it to easily I never got out of the Jeff. Say Pretty much you know. It's pain ten years of very very tough. Conditions in each and banks were going on even before what was happening from their perspective. It's it's very very challenging then guarded to the. Us economy is doing has during very very well but then the health system is very complex and and they're in a very very difficult situation already in terms of trying to accommodate people in hospitals and ally. I you know I think I mean it's a wife. Criticize them around government policy and around. You know how how things don but I think going into this week. We are going in a very fortunate position in that we followed solid banking system sep loss Jason Economic Growth We're GONNA come out of these heartfully depending on how long it dragged on for heartfully less less impact than other places around the world and we're going to become more desirable than full people to come here brought. So if you're getting days Margaret's see one approved by the Rod Season. I want to live a strident. I want to get a good job. That WANNA buy into place increased demand but will the sudden the way that we navigate through this in the lifestyle that we have on offer will become even more results. Something like this is any social benefits slots on nights social benefits of what we're going through a he As a civil and a piece tomato people becoming more connected the people are funny will remind themselves was really important to you that you have a view on that. Yeah I think I mean it safe interesting King Lot. We come media If interesting how much in demand if it was and how seriously enrolls it numb enough there also were taken seriously. But it's five in in these sort of environment Have a strong have strong. Gentlemen out there. You know reporting playing on happening I think expanding really interesting change Yeah I've got an idea out there when we're GONNA have a lot of fun. United in obey such a nice environment to be out of each other in person and To be at appreciate spending time with family friends infest awfully changed by Yeah you know. I think it was the even even of environment I mean if you have a look at the comments that are to get badly five it for you know. Has some positive things happening but will try. I mean it will change the way we we. Aw I've got no doubt and I think it will also try to where we are because the potential of something like this to happen again. You know it's possible so I I think who will likely say the ability of government to shut down international lots for example very quickly Waikele via a scenario day think massive investments in hospitals. I you know I think the healthcare fix will get a massive amount of money thrown into it Investment in medical research and help reset get a Lotta fundings. There will be some shift around in terms of what we say is important and what can also keep a cipher in the future in.

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