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Hey it's marie forleo and you are on our live colin show on my gosh this is so exciting yeah we're excited to talk to you so i'm ready for your cue let me know what you've got let's see if we can help you out arctic in you one second so my name is hannah i'm also from north jersey i don't know what part of jersey or from i'm from bergen county awesome and right now i'm living in costa rica been here just over a year and i'm hoping on survey ration business on doing shark work so i've been working on that but i've found like i watched the videos i read the books i listen to podcasts i know what to do my problem is i never end up doing it i set intentions i let myself down every single time i might do really well for a few days but then i fall back right into where i started so i haven't i've been able to identify some self destructive behavior but i know like when i think about letting them go like i know i'm not ready so i don't try because i know like i'm just gonna fall right back into it again so even things that i wanna do i'm not doing like i'll be really excited to do something and then i'm like i'm just now tomorrow i'm not depressed i think i'm just lazy and i keep thinking that like i'm gonna find my motivation i'm gonna get my life together but it's been months that i've been here like and i don't have much to show for it and i know i need to change things really soon so is hoping you could give me some advice via well i think this is a really interesting dilemma i'm really excited to talk to you so curious and you don't have to say if it's too personal but can you share with us if you're willing one or two the self destructive behaviors that you've identified you think definitely like with eating i notice if i have something sweet too early in the day like i'll have pancakes chocolate chips in them and then all day all i wanna sugar and i just eat horribly and i endorse all day and then i feel but i go the next morning and i'm like but i still want those pancakes chocolate chips sometimes i'm like well i know that triggers me but i can do this like i'm going to do it anyway then i'm going to beat it and then i might beat it you know maybe for a day or maybe for half a day and then it's just like i'm right back to where i am again sure so the other thing that caught me that you shared hannah was that you're not ready to let these behaviors go and for me as a coach one of the things that the standard for me the only people that i can work with and actually help our people that are committed to change some my thoughts for you to consider our this one if you're not willing to change and you're not willing to let things go you might want to spend your time in costa rica doing exactly what you're doing because fighting yourself is preventing you from just enjoying the time that you're there i don't know if you plan to be there indefinitely or if there's a time limit but one of the things if you don't want to change that change is not going to happen the second thing and thank you by the way for sharing what at least one of those behavior self destructive as you call them are it's clear and i know that you know this in your bones but sometimes it helps to hear it from an outside voice your biology you can't fight that what sugar does to us and to our brain into our motivation and your blood sugar going up and down and the ability to think clearly and to want to do anything it's really really challenging to override that on a consistent basis even if you were to take a day or two and let's say you didn't have those pancakes in the morning with the chocolate chips your body is still going to be reacting to the habit that you've been.

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