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The we're supposed to be playing unperformed in game the Willie setting the table as an ally? That's exactly that exactly where really are because it has to be there. There's never surprisingly. They never created one one chance where you thought the school. I mean daily alleys goal as a piece of individual brilliance other than not. They never put Dav the here under any pressure whatsoever. And the thing years we've been talking about Ho- Munshi data and Tottenham those defense between these two sites so guess told him I'll be your best. Is it fair to say that this game was average at best. There wasn't a lot of quality on shy. Yes it is but if you're meant to say United I might just say United Fan you look at the first thirty minutes and you say hey wait a minute. Whatever we've been able to do this consistently where we are taking pressure onto the other side of the field where we're recovering possession? India tagging half. Where are two central midfielders AMAC? Tommy and Fred are plain while Mike Tomlin named particular Glenn. I'm Fred who played a whole lot better than you would have expected him to do. In this sort of moment. You saw a man to say united team that was progressive that attack that created opportunities individual performance from Marcus rash from the two goals. But how couple of chances in the first half with logs and long distance shots and was active and moving with and without without the ball you so overlapping runs on the outside. And you're thinking wait a minute the one that was just the interior just saying the first thirty thirty minutes or thirty minutes thirty minutes the first thirty minutes what are they not getting the first thirty minutes. They never created a clear. John's what do you mean. Did they hit the post. Marcus rusher four. To say there was a kick save of Greenwood is I'll give you the okay. Well how many many more chances you want minutes the post was. They're not it. Okay they want to say united coming into this game very low very little okay and so it was better than that wasn't it. It's all right I'll give you okay. You made the show Real Madrid. The first thirty minutes. They were very good. They were very good to the point to where I I did not really have a touch and inside. The eighteen yard box opened till daily Ali did what he did. I just want to say today at the very least were competitive intensity some urgency and regardless of what their first thirty minutes. We're very good syrup. Someone do you make of it. Well I'll oh go along with Alli in terms of the two plays mentioned told me I'm Fred. Because Spurs played a strange sort of formation. We always talked about Marino when he's when he was at mentions united when he's being where he he wants he's why plays to Turkey and get back almost be like second four bucks at times today. Allowed song to play wide on the left hand. Allow Lucas. Moore's a play on what daily to make like forward runs hurricanes to be out there as well and when they lost possession they were being cantered to easy. So there's a massive space in midfield Thomas and Fred dominated the two central commit filled with spurs which was his Oko a winks and if you can keep dominating the area then you're gonNA get rescued in the game. Unfortunately I wasn't quite sure what's going with. Rash wants to to get to him to drop off of him and rush lots of space and in the end zone covering so I think we can associate. He's tactics the to midfield play. Showed more energy than Spurs I midfield an overall mentioned it is to win the gun. Robo obviously mentioned the opening half an hour without a doubt United States best par in this game. How much of that would have been motivation? Because it was Marino coming back to old trafford. How much does that play on a player's mind? Yeah I could sense the crowd the probably the team took before the game. The players wanted to prove something to Marino and they played at that insensitive. Allie was talking about. They were first to the knockdowns when the ball went from back to front they got. I those knockdowns baiting midfield players again. It was friends Oko and I think you're absolutely. There was an intensity manche united. So that hasn't been in previous gains and that's something to prove to Marino we'd better players and you actually actually made us out to be at times. You know as soon as you game furnished. I thought to myself choosy marine new SAR and the press conference and and said all these pills because the one thing you know. It didn't like the ones you had him on Chechen eighteen and it's a classy Hebrew. It in Yeah Ah came when he was there and it's a classic example of some change when you play against the team and you see players on the other team and you really and you late. What do they really Lee is true? You never know players until you train them with them every single day and I just wanted to. He's tall and he's first press conference at our late these players. I think you may changing these mind because the one off a lot too late today you know the Kinda the little shug because the beat West v Bournemouth. It'd be Olympia cost so all of a sudden all the sponsor bike well. Let's see. I think we saw the real spoils that he's got he's got job. NISSANS that second economic performance from specis flat for a team that was losing the game. You expect something to happen. Oh Muslim nothing day. No no I agree. Action concerning impart was so. You're looking at key players right and has been hot and score a great goal today but you see Harry Kane dropping into play making position what what is the purpose of of hurricane going deeper forty yards away from goal when he should be the guy who's receiving service inside the eighteen yard bucks. It doesn't make any sort of sense to be hurricane the one that drops and then people just run by him he can do that. Same movement twenty yards ahead of that where he can actually hold. Oh play and then you can have the run on human song. Pass them daily Bassim or underneath but Harry Kane playmaker forty yards from goal takes away from what he does best best and what he does. This is finished chances in the attacking hap now in order to finish chances. You'll have to create chances and Spurs. Did Not do that whatsoever. Rarely did we see human song taking players on a one. We wanted to Asian. They were expecting that man to say united perhaps it was gonNA give them more time and space where maybe they were going to be able to go in a counter. Getting behind I was alone. Bowl wasn't working and then Manchester United just kind of dropped off. They weren't able to work underneath spaces. Either and so there was no creativity coming from behind. You couldn't you you. You couldn't then break through it line to say united you also can get him behind because there was no space and behind bowl. It was nothing personal attack surprise rob how flat they were in the second in half. Yeah I mean. Maria tried to change it slightly on Erickson Hebrew doctor in so they play with a back three and ended up playing almost as a right winger but unfortunately story every time you go into a good position. He didn't have the right cross and he's absolutely right. Couldn't understand why hurricane he's almost starting at centre forward as the plays building up. He's coming twenty thirty Alf. He's then trying to switch point win crossword coming into the box. He was stood outside the box and it was deli. Elliott is trying to get in there and on the other side of it was it was trying to get in there as well so I couldn't. I'm quite understand what hurricane was trying to whether that was done by the manager or that was him making the decision to come up and be the playmaker but you need even the box getting on the end across his so it was surprised how flat flatly were and how they couldn't really change it to change the game. It's just take a look at how the table stands in reference to these two teams after that victory for majesty united they are safe spurs in a one point separating those two sides it seems logical question to ask.

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