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I mean. They're they're young guys in their interesting interesting guys like shangkun you watch him play and he does everything slow like he doesn't really jump he kinda. Everything's methodical but he's really patient like he. He works until he gets an angle to either. Get a shot or draw. Foul in that game had fifteen rebounds yet. Fourteen free throw attempts. Yeah i shot three for ten from the field. Be curious to see what he looks. Like against real mba lengthy. He's gone up against a couple. Backup center like borderline g level player. So we'll see what he looks like an nba but he he's lived up to the billing the reason the rockets traded up for him like you said mcmahon was if you talked to anybody who's doing models like statiscal model stone into the draft. You know. I think. I think kevin pelton ed schengen number one. A lot of the internal team models had really really high because he did like you said his production in the turkish league for his age was out of this world. Basically luca danni trajan like the two guys who put up the numbers they have. So i mean an eighteen. He was a turkish league and be equality european league. Yeah it's a really good league. It's a really good week. So he hebrew was probably the only guy that i saw in japan. A young guy say young and quotes. Because i i did see this guy. Don church yeah from soviet. He doesn't eat us in. Count it should. We should track him. Make a note that mcmahon to track this guy but group bruecke. He can defend one through five. Now he's not gonna defend every five one through five crazy long arms and bontemps mentioned about the buyout. His violence three million euros which is three point up top of my head here. Three point seven. I do i do time off of my head and and money can often where you have more money than time so you should get seven million dollars that he would have to pay his now. They stretch it out over years enough to pay it all right now. But he's probably not guaranteed a heck of a lot more than that. He's guaranteed a two year so he really wants to play. I mean he basically is giving up his first nba contract. Why do think the one. I was talking to kevin pelton about this. I think the rockets are paying too. I think they made an agreement with rockets are paying the amount they can pay each year over the next four years students. Seven hundred seventy five thousand seven hundred. Yes owner fifty thousand dollars. So i think the rockets are paying it but like i said on draft night. I was thinking as soon as we got into the rain. Where you know after shangkun went off the board at sixteen after seeing garuba play. I was like all these teams from seventeen. And you're talking about playoff playoff teams back after the first round. I was waiting for one of them to take mothers the knicks or when the clippers traded up i was like somebody's got to take a swing on this guy because he's got really high potential so i thought for the rockets to get him to get josh. Christopher who's one of these guys like this draft is really interesting. Because you know i was gonna talk about jaylen johnson. You've got drafted by the hawks later. He's another guy. There's a bunch of guys in this draft were top five ten fifteen recruits coming into this college year. That had their college like completely messed up. Because a covert and how messed up. Everything was like josh. Christopher left school early or left those two team early jalen johnson left. Do curly so these guys were really big. Time prospects that fell you know much later than you would have initially projected them to be in the draft and christopher showed some flashes this week. He is a really big fiscal kid. Like if he does lock in defense he could become a really interesting player. Jalen johnson has been really interesting for land. He's a six ten kid who's athletic. Thrown down some huge dunks. He's playing on a team with nate bill as a coach and with a lot of good players where they can. Basically kind of dangle plankton out front hammett say listen man. If you do the right things we can throw out here a little bit. You can kind of piecemeal him playing time and make him earn going forward like i think. It's a really good situation for him. A good situation for josh christopher to get minutes and yeah like houston. I think has to feel great with the way. These guys are playing what they've got going on. It's a really good start to this. Rebuilt for and gruber didn't play until tonight and it was you know he's fresh off the olympics and Yeah i certainly wouldn't judge him based on anything that happens in the summer league. I don't know he's practiced maybe a couple of times or whatever but the fact that this guy as a teenager is playing a pretty significant role for spain in the olympics. Yup and like when they play team. Usa he has to be on the floor because he's doing one who can who can defend at that level you know. He's six eight to forty might not be done growing You mentioned one to five kind of the and again. These comps were not. I'm not saying he will be draymond. Green defensively but that's kind of the the type you know. He has the draymond green build. Long arms right kind of body type. Who can guard on the wing you know can guard on the ball can can anchor a defense not a not a necessarily a shot blocker but you know can be a position. Smarts will physical type of of you know give you rim protection in that sense Offensively he's a project you know. He has some natural passing ability. The he needs to develop skills. And you know the other thing that that the rockets really excited about when we're talking about these nineteen year old kids when we're talking about cagey martin who you know. Nobody really paid attention to the rocks last year. But as a as a as a nineteen twenty year old showed some development you know. he's a six six hyper. Athletic guy at canyon martin's hops. That's for sure he throws down massive dunks and and some of the the weak side shop blocks now every time he gets a block. The guy on on a donkey means he's late on his rotation laid on rotation and make up for in spectacular fashion. was a high thirties. Three point shooter for the second half of the season. He's twenty kevin porter jr. twenty one and and you know the way rebel don't put it. They're they're enrolling these guys john lucas university. They feel like john lucas's developmental program. Really kind of gives them an edge and look are. The rock is going to be good next year. Hell no you know two years. No but they've got a young court place. They think if i if i was a rockets fan i would want to watch the team. Which is yes you're going to. They're going to be a really really fun team to watch next year. No question about it. So what about them. So what are you seeing from cade cunningham. This week i mean these look good. You know all these guys have look good. You know what. I mean i. I'm not trying to take a ton away from these games for these top guys like you know it's like tim said jalen green play. He's got a slight hamstring issue. Probably not gonna play. Jalen slugs very well could be done now after this and issue. He's had today but all of them are pretty. Uk down played up. One up against jalen. Green had a really nice crossover. You know step back. Three point move at jalen left in the dust which you know. Got a bunch of views on social media but he. He's a six eight kid who can handle the ball who can pass who can guard multiple spots like he. He's the prototypical like point forward. Today's league that could be a big time player. And you know detroit's and other teams detroit's not gonna probably be very good this year but between cade cunningham and cdc bay and stewart and jeremy grant like they're they're going to be a fun team to watch and like really.

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